10 Trendsetting Indie Clothing Brands You’ve Never Heard of

10 Trendsetting Indie Clothing Brands You’ve Never Heard of

Today we’re talking about the 10 trendsetting indie clothing brands you’ve never heard of. Because Forever 21 is getting just a little too stale.. These undiscovered dimes are the clothing brands you don’t want to miss out on. When attempting to cultivate a unique style, it becomes increasingly important to buy clothes from not so well known brands. Because let’s face it ladies, everyones shopping at Forever 21. You’re not rocking unique threads if you step through those doors! 😀

And I’ll just say it right now, I’ve depended on this store for a long time to find the trends at cheap prices. But we all have to grow out of it eventually. And yes, that includes Victorias Secret, Charlotte Russe and American Eagle too! 😀


10 Trendsetting Indie Clothing Brands You’ve Never Heard of 


1. Local Heroes

Some might say, the much smaller scale version of Pacsun. Local Heroes has a limited number of offerings in their shop but doesn’t fall short. Looking for an edgy bomber jacket? Check. Sheer dress? Check. Rose printed anything? Check, check and check. They have what you need. 😉

2. Motel Rocks

Motel is another one of those great sources for affordable fashion. Because girl, most of us are on a budget. (Hence why so many of us give into the temptation of shopping at Forever 21) Shop Motel Rocks for whatever article of clothing is on your shopping list, they’re bound to have it.

3. The Ragged Priest

Where are my grunge girls at? This is your store! The Ragged Priest is the cooler, slightly less intense version of Hot Topic. Every piece of clothing is different and every bit capable of making a fashion statement. While I’m not exactly into grunge fashion, I could definitely see myself  adding a piece or two into my everyday outfits.

4. MissGuided

A long time favorite of mine and basically Forever 21’s cooler best friend. You can shop all the top trends and find unique discoveries upon browsing their site. They’re a little bit pricier but totally worth it.

5. Never Fully Dressed

Upon putting this article together, I just discovered this little dime. While it’s a little higher in price than I’d like, Never Fully Dressed carries a must see array of amazing clothes. Each piece of clothing is so unique and fit to make you look like the trendsetter you are!

6. Trendsence

This is another one of my favorite brands for indie/boho style fashion. Because Free People is great, but they’re so expensive! Trendsence provides a much more affordable option.

7. Wildfox

Love graphic tees? Wildfox carries a variety of styles but has a wide selection of unique t-shirts as well. You can also find jumpsuits, dresses, rompers and many other types of clothes here!

8. Arnhem

Got a bit of a free spirit in you, that you just love to express through clothes? Then you need to check out Arnhem. Wear their clothes head to toe and you’ll feel like a 70’s flower child and who wouldn’t want to look that way? 🙂

9. Nylon

The best words to describe are edgy and bold. A clothing brand stemming from the magazine Nylon, it’s your go to for the bold accessories you need in your wardrobe.

10. Frankie Phoenix

Basically Brandy Melville’s little sister. The staples in this brand are basic and replicating that of the L.A. casual and effortless style. You’ll find vintage cutoffs and basic crop tops from this shop.


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