10 Ways to Not be Basic This Fall

This post is partially a joke and also somewhat serious! lol 😀 Have you ever noticed us girls get caught in the same old trends and traditions every fall? Pumpkin Spice Lattes and burgundy lipstick. Pumpkin scented candles, riding boots and pumpkin patches. If I were to be honest, I love all these things too but I think it’s time for us to switch things up a bit this fall season! That’s why today, on the first day of fall, we’re talking about 10 ways to not be basic this fall. And still not take ourselves too seriously, because you should always be yourself at the end of the day anyway! 🙂


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10 Ways

to Not be


This Fall


   1. Find a new alternative to the classic pumpkin spice latte. 

I love pumpkin spice flavored things too but maybe it’s time to give the classic PSL a rest. If you’re ready to give a different drink a try, order the cinnamon dulce latte or salted caramel mocha from Starbucks. And if you really want to switch things up, visit a local independent coffee shop and try their seasonal flavors!


2. There’s more fall flavors to enjoy than pumpkin spice! 

Want to try some different fall flavors this season? These are the foods I recommend you try…

  • Anything with caramel over it. Apples, hot chocolate, popcorn and anything else you dream up!
  • Marshmallows. They’re not just for summer, search Pinterest for recipes or put them in your warm drinks!
  • Flavor your food with cinnamon! Better yet, make cinnamon rolls and top with caramel and apples. Now that sounds like the ultimate upgrade to pumpkin spice.
  • Try experimenting with apples this season. Put down the Nutella and try apple butter. I promise you won’t be sorry you did.. 😀
  • Guys, chai tea is so darn good! I wonder why more people don’t love it. Try chai tea or make baked goods with this flavor. It’s out of this world good.

   3.  Flannels are cool, but here’s what else to wear…

We all love flannels because they keep us warm and they look cute but what if I told you they had a much cooler, older sister? Yes, that’s right and they’re called tunics!  They create outfits that are cute but extremely comfy and easy to put together. My formula? A Free People tunic (because they make the cutest ones!) jeans and ankle booties or flats. Or mules. Whatever you prefer girl! I think this makes for an adorable, unique fall outfit! 🙂

   4. Yes, we love Bath & Body Works but heres a cruelty free option! 

For your perfume needs, try this brown sugar scented perfume by Orglamix. And if you’re looking for a shower gel, The Body Shop has a vanilla pumpkin scented one I’m dying to try. For a pretty bath bomb you need to try the sparkly pumpkin one from lush! You could get an awesome Instagram photo of it too while you’re at it. 😉 If you like painting your nails, than you’ll love this pumpkin inspired shade by Floss Gloss.

   5. Pumpkin patches & apple orchards are so fun but try a fall farmers market this year. 🙂 

Don’t you just love visiting the farmers market Saturday morning in spring and summer? I sure do! But farmers markets go till about the end of October, so why stop going? You can get all your favorite fall goods locally and maybe snap a cute picture or two in the process! Apple festivals are also another great option. I always get my apple cider and apple butter at my Delmont Apple Festival every year.

   6. This fall, make Halloween on your list for movie night instead of/ in addition to Hocus Focus. 

Admittedly, I still watch Hocus Pocus every year. It came out around when I was a kid, so I can’t help it, it has sentimental value for me. lol 😀 However another one of my movie traditions is to watch Halloween. The first one, because we’re kicking it old school. It’s extremely cheesy and I’ve watched it about a hundred times but it’s just the best and I’ve come to love the theme song! When I dig this movie out, I’m basically welcoming the season because it’s that much of a mainstay in my fall routine. And yes, I have one of those. Don’t judge, you know you have one too.. 😀

   7.  Move over leggings, these pants are comfier and more stylish.

Ahh, leggings. Every girls best friend. The comfy part of me totally gets it but striped palazzo pants are stealing my heart! And any other pair of wide leg pants for that matter. They work with just about any pair of shoes, they’re comfortable and make a much bigger fashion statement! Try pairing striped palazzo pants with a cropped sweater and white boots or a spaghetti strap top tucked in with a long cardigan and woven flats.

   8. Other fall candle scents to try…

Okay guys, there’s a reason why candles are so popular in fall. They smell amazing and they make a night in that much cozier. (and prettier smelling 🙂 ) Even Stefan likes when I burn them but here’s a couple unique scents to try. Past pumpkin spice. Here’s a couple scents to try…

   9. A remix on the typical go to boots for fall.

When you think of fall and the boots you’ll be wearing, what comes to mind? Let me take a wild guess, riding boots and ankle booties? (Guilty on option two) Well this season we’re changing it up! Try wearing velvet, embroidered or white ankle boots! They are bound to make you stand out this fall. 🙂

  10. Here’s a new lipstick shade to try this season! 

Burgundy shades and dark lips are a long time favorite in fall and winter. What if I told you navy blue is a new and upcoming beauty trend? It’s not too bold anymore to wear burgundy shaded lipsticks, now you’ve got to try this cool new shade! I know I will be this fall, because who doesn’t like a fresh new take on fall beauty? 🙂

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  • Mattie

    Love all of these tips! I’m definitely guilty of being a little basic when it comes to fall haha

    • Marah Frank

      It’s okay I was drinking Starbucks when I shared this post, we all have a little basic side to us! 🙂