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Labor Day Weekend Essentials

Memorial Day Weekend Essentials

   Hey guys, hope your week has been great! Memorial Day is quickly approaching and I thought it would be perfect to go over some of the essentials you may want for the day! Hopefully you have some really fun plans such as camping or going to a party. At my house I’ll be having a little party with a couple of friends. So off course I’ll be in need of some shopping and making sure I have everything I need! Lets take a look today at my Memorial Day weekend essentials so you can be fully prepared! 🙂

  A couple of other items not included in the photo that I might add are a pool float, party lights and supplies for a party such as plates, cups and other decorations.  For recipes on what to serve for a Memorial Day party I recommend this, this and maybe this. Here’s a helpful blogpost as well on the topic. 

 Memorial Day Weekend Essentials

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Weekender Bag, Cowboy Hat, Romper,  Bandana, Sea Spray, Bathing Suit Top, Bathing Suit Top, Lip Balm, Sunglasses, Sandals, Slipnslide, Towel