4 Quick and Easy ways to Boost Your SEO

Well, it’s about that time again..

As frequently as I’m able to, I like to post about all that is to do with marketing and blogging. One particular topic many of us, I included, may not like to worry about is SEO. It’s one of those boring topics you don’t always want to concern yourself with. Especially when there’s fun articles to read about such as how to edit photos or theme your Instagram! 🙂

Either way, I’m here today to help you boost your website traffic and reach by becoming more searchable. Before we begin though, what is SEO anyway?

SEO stands for search engine optimization.

It’s the tool that will lead to your blogs success. So stick around, I promise it will be worth it! Get ready to take some notes..

Because I’m going to teach you 4 quick and easy ways to boost your SEO. 


1. Download the Yoast SEO plugin

This plugin has helped lead the cause when it comes to my push in becoming more SEO friendly. Basically,once you’ve downloaded the plugin it’ll be at the bottom of every post you’re working on. So when you open up any draft, it’s there.

The reason why I love it so much, is because it’s very user friendly. If you don’t really know anything about search engine optimization, it walks you through the basics of how to rank higher in search engines. As you’re typing a post, you can keep track of how searchable it is. The plugin will give you tips on how you can make your post more readable and highly ranked in Google, to make sure your post is completely ready to publish! For example, it might tell you to add alt text to photos in your post or include external links. These are a couples way in which it will help you.

2. Add Alt Text to Photos

This may be a small step often overlooked by bloggers but it sure is important! There’s a small space to the right, when you bring up a photo in WordPress.

To find what I’m talking about, go to “Media” and click on one of your photos. To the right there will be a space that says, “Alt Text.” You can leave it blank, or give it a proper title.

4 Quick and Easy ways to Boost your SEO

It’s very important to fill this space out on any photo you’re inserting in a post. Google doesn’t understand your images without it.

3. Optimize your Website URL

Have you ever seen a website url that was just really weird and hard to understand?

Maybe like this one?


It’s really important to make sure that your website url for each post is clear and makes sense. It should explain what the post is about and include keywords.

A better post url might look like this one below..



4. Include Internal and External Links

For a highly optimized blog post, you’ll want to include both internal and external links.

Internal links help trace back to various articles throughout your website. They keep the reader on your website longer and make it easier to connect them to the content they’re looking for.

External links lead readers to other websites with helpful, relevant content. It builds your credibility as a writer and shows you’re not afraid to spread the love and support other bloggers. These external links also help search engines get a better idea about what your specific niche is. (Which will help connect you much better to the audience that’s looking for you!)


These are just 4 quick and easy ways to boost your SEO, but there are plenty of other effective ways to do so as well. For more reading check out this article called The Ultimate SEO Guide for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs.

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