A Romantic Boho Outfit Idea for Valentine’s Day

A Romantic Boho Outfit Idea for Valentine’s Day

I can’t believe Valentine’s Day is next Wednesday already! If you’re a fan of the holiday, what are you most looking forward to? For me, this mainly includes the treats, spending time with Stefan and getting to dress up all pretty! In today’s post, I really wanted to share with you what that might look like for me. Stefan and I will be celebrating our fifth Valentine’s Day together this year, so how we spend the holiday varies year to year. Sometimes we go out and it’s low key, while other times we get a little dressed up. One things for sure, it’s always changing! If I were to dress up for Valentine’s Day, this is what it might look like. So if you want to celebrate with a more boho vibe, than you will love my look. Check it out in today’s post on a romantic boho outfit idea for Valentine’s Day. After reading I promise it’ll leave you wanting to dress up for V-Day! 🙂


Question of the day:  How do you like to dress for Valentine’s Day, dressed up or cozy? 


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A Romantic Boho Outfit Idea

for Valentine’s Day



The Look:

The look is quite simple actually! But then if you’re familiar with my style, you already know this. 😉 What really makes this outfit shine of course, would be this pretty boho little number.. my dress! Unfortunately I’m not sure you can still buy this dress where I got it from but I’ll be linking some other lovely options below for you guys to check out. My advice is to for a dress with feminine details like lace or bell sleeves. One of the many reasons I love this dress, is for those sleeves! I mean..I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve got on those alone. So lesson learned, don’t underestimate the power of a cute bell sleeve! As far as colors go, I’m not as fan of red as I am blush! So naturally I chose this dress for its color too. I say go with whatever color makes you happiest. 🙂

For shoes I’m wearing ankle booties. Another common move on my end..lol I absolutely love a dress and ankle booties combo. It has been a go-to outfit of mine for sometime now. The pair I’m wearing are Steve Madden, picked up in the clearance section at DSW. The only jewelry I chose to wear were my layered rings. I swear I never take them off, they’re one of my favorite ways to accessorize! You can find extremely affordable rings from places like Forever 21 and Shein. (That’s where I get mine.)



 For extra boho points: Wanna make your Valentine’s Day outfit more boho? Choose the right hairstyle and you’ll be on your way! My hair was done by the lovely owner of Mane on Main because you know this girl could never manage a hairstyle like this on my own..lol If you’re pretty good with hair, try sifting through different hairstyle ideas on Pinterest. Fishtail and dutch brands look very pretty and definitely give off boho vibes. If you can manage or know someone who’s good with hair, I think fishtail french braids would look amazing! Have fun with it and see what you like! 

  //  Check out Mane on Main // 

If you really want to enjoy this Valentine’s Day, maybe consider treating yourself to a visit to the salon! Ask for a blowout with beachy waves or maybe try a cute boho hairstyle from Pinterest! If you’re a local in Westmoreland County, I highly recommend you pay Mane on Main a visit. She’ll get your hair looking beautiful in no time for V-Day! And I just have to mention, the interior design of this cute little salon is insane. I swear when I was getting my hair done, I commented on it almost the whole time..lol And Olivia, the salon owner, is so good at hair braiding. But I’m sure you can tell looking at my photos. Support your local girl boss and definitely stop by sometime, locals! 🙂

The Flowers: 

The bouquet from today’s post was put together by a local florist, Kellie of Lavender Design Company. Perhaps one of the best parts of blogging is being able to collaborate with such talented individuals like her. She put together this lovely arrangement with beautiful pops of color that I feel complimented my dress perfectly. In addition, she hung greenery on the wall to create a nice, subtle backdrop for photos. Overall I’m so happy with her work. It just goes to show, flowers can make all the difference when added to photos. Treat yourself or that special someone to a bouquet this Valentine’s Day to score major points with them! I promise, flowers can make anyone happy.

 // Check out Lavender Design Company // 

Alright guys, I want to know what you think! Did you love this collaborative post? Do you like this little boho look I put together? I had such a blast working with other, local creatives on this post so I’m hoping you enjoyed it as much as I did! How do you feel about the whole community over competition movement, is it not super fun? 🙂 Share with me your thoughts below and let’s chat!


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  • I loved the boho look that you put together! The collaborative post was great! Your hair looked beautiful and you looked gorgeous! I enjoyed reading your post! I think the whole community over competition movement is awesome! Hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day!

    • Marah Frank

      Thank you, I’m so happy that you enjoyed today’s post! It really soaked in for me just what kind of amazing things can come together when you work together as a creative community!

  • I love this collab! That is a seriously beautiful and unique bouquet for Valentine’s day xx
    Lauren | http://misslaurenalston.com

    • Marah Frank

      Thank you so much! I was beyond happy with how this bouquet turned out. Lavender Design Company put it together, she’s so talented!

  • I’m kinda obsessed with that floral bouquet <3 <3

    • Marah Frank

      Same girl, same! Lol This bouquet puts the biggest smile on my face, I’m a sucker for flowers!

  • This look is gorgeous and those flowers look beautiful!

    Xx Taylor

  • These photos are so beautiful! I love the boho decor and the dress! The lace and bell sleeve details are so pretty! Definitely the perfect look for Valentine’s Day!

    xo, Chloe // https://funinthecloset.com/ways-style-slip-dress/