A Roundup of my Favorite Velvet Pieces of the Moment

A Roundup of my Favorite Velvet Pieces of the Moment

What’s my favorite fabric? If you asked me, I’d say velvet without hesitation! It’s such a romantic and feminine fabric, how could I not love it? This year I’m adding all kinds of pretty velvet articles of clothing into my wardrobe. Today I wanted to round up some of my favorite velvet pieces that’d I’d just love to add to my closet. If you’re looking to switch it up, try wearing this romantic fabric! Get started with a roundup of my favorite velvet pieces of the moment.


Question of the day: What’s your favorite velvet piece I’ve shared below? 


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A Roundup of my

Favorite Velvet Pieces of the Moment


Whether you’re looking to add more velvet tops, skirts, hair accessories or purses to your wardrobe, I have many options linked below! With Valentine’s Day coming up, I feel this post couldn’t come at a better time too! Velvet adds such a pretty detail to your everyday look and can we talk about how fun this fabric is? If your outfit is in need of a little interest, any of these pieces can certainly do the job for you!

A couple of options I’ve linked include velvet mules, (um, yes please!) purses, tops and scrunchies. Last week I talked about why I’m loving velvet scrunchies, so don’t miss out on this! Over here on Gypsy in the City we’re getting really excited for Valentine’s Day and are certainly all about those romantic vibes. To me, nothing is more romantic than velvet fabric. It’s so luxurious and feminine! Enough of what I think about this fabric though, what are your thoughts on velvet? Do we like or pass? If you have a different favorite fabric, I totally want to know!



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   So I have to ask, among all these items what are you loving the most? If you ask me, I’d say everything of course! (I don’t blame you if you say the same thing! lol) Let me know in the comments below your thoughts. Also, if you have another velvet favorite you can still buy, do share with me! As you know by now, I’m always on the hunt for another lovely, velvet find. I’m all ears girl!

In other news, I’d like to share with you that I’ve recently started a Facebook group called “The Blush Guide.” It’s a community for creatives and bloggers with the intent of sharing helpful information with one another, connecting on social and sharing our favorite blush finds with the hashtag #theblushguide. Have a cute little blush cafe in your city that you love to frequent? Snap a photo on Instagram and use the hashtag so your fellow blush lovin’ gals can discover it! Or maybe you’ve stumbled upon the most lovely blush chair and decided to buy it. Users are encouraged to share this with others to we can all obsess over it together! If you’re interested in joining, you can sign up here.

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