An Instagrammer’s Itinerary For a Day Trip to Cleveland, Ohio

An Instagrammer’s Itinerary For a Day Trip to Cleveland, Ohio

All my east coast girls, where you at? lol Once you’re done laughing at me for saying that, prepare to feel the itch to go on a mini adventure.. And with spring around the corner, how could your adventurous spirit not be a little anxious? Stefan and I are dying to get out of PA, so we did the only thing we can do at this point and went on a mini day trip! Living just outside of Pittsburgh, Cleveland is about a two and a half hour drive from us, so it’s really not a bad distance. Side note, I didn’t even realize this city is only just over two hours from us until last summer. Once I learned this, I knew we had to venture out there once or twice this year. So if you live in Pittsburgh, Cleveland or somewhat close by, you’ll want to keep scrolling! Let me share with you an instagrammer’s itinerary for a day trip to Cleveland, Ohio.


Question of the day: If you’ve been to or live in Cleveland, what’s your favorite spot to hit?


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An Instagrammer’s Itinerary

For a Day Trip to Cleveland, Ohio



Arrive at 11am

If you have a bit of a trip ahead of you, I recommend aiming to arrive in Cleveland by 11am. Since  Stefan and I didn’t arrive till then, we didn’t have to wake up too early either. We hit the road by 8:30am. (I know, the fact that I don’t think this is early shows how much of a morning person I truly am!) Also, other tip, save your day trip for Sunday. Parking in the city is free, so this will help keep cost of the trip down.

Pick up a donut from Brewnuts

The cool thing about Brewnuts, is that they actually sell not only donuts but beer as well! I mean, how cool of a concept is that? And if this wasn’t cool enough, Brewnuts offers coffee too. Which isn’t anything crazy in of itself but wait until you hear where it’s from! Served here, is Phoenix Coffee, a local coffee shop in Cleveland. So if you’ll be there in the early am like we were, you can get yourself a good cup of morning fuel. And while the menu is perfect, I think the decor may be better! If you’re looking for a good photo op or two, this is the place to get it. I totally recommend attempting to snag a seat at the bench in the back, it makes for some pretty awesome photos!


Pop in and out of shops on Detroit Rd

Stefan and I found out very quickly Detroit road is home to many cool, eclectic shops! Brewnuts is located on this street, in addition to a new favorite of mine called Land of Plenty. In this shop I found the most lovely cactus print mug! This little place caries many vintage decor finds, plants and boho decor and gifts. You’ll find items like planters, pink Himalayan salt lamps, crystals, etc. Another shop that looked really cool was Oceanne Studio & Boutique, which carries a variety of modern and minimal jewelry.

For the tea enthusiasts, Cleveland Tea Revival

I was so sad to find that the beautiful flower wall at Cleveland Tea Revival was covered up when we stopped by. If you’re into tea, definitely give this spot a try for a refreshing drink. And if you’re not a tea drinker? Stop by anyway for the flower wall! Trust me, your Instagram will thank you! I believe the flowers are covered up in the winter but it should be uncovered during spring, summer and most of fall. Cleveland Tea Revival is located on Detroit rd. so this is why I recommend it as your last stop before heading over to the West Side Market, which is on the other side of town, over the bridge.


Grab lunch and flowers from West Side Market

This leads me to my next recommendation on your day trip in Cleveland! By now, you’ve probably worked up a bit of an appetite, which is why I’m recommending you pay the West Side Market a visit. With so many vendors with varying types of food, there will most definitely be something for everyone here. My favorite stand is the french bakery where you can buy french macaroons and the crepes stand. They’re both right across from one another, too! I’d definitely get a small bag of macaroons to eat on the way home and maybe snag a cool photo of too. Make sure you climb up the stairs to eat your food with a birds eye view of the market. The stair case is right next to the crepes stand. (Perfect location, am I right?)

Photograph the colorful walls at The Cleveland Flea’s old location

We need to talk about the colorful wall you’ll find at The Cleveland Flea!There’s blocks of color including pink, blue, yellow and many other colors. So whatever your Instagram aesthetic is, there’s probably a color for you! I was so thrilled to find a pink wall and proceeded to take photos with it. I mean, how could I pass it up? So on your way out of the city, stop by The Cleveland Flea’s old location to get a couple pretty amazing shots in front of the mural. If you type into the gps “The Cleveland Flea” it will automatically take you to the old location. Prepare for some amazing photos!

Stop into Pour for a cup of coffee to go

The last stop you should make before hitting the road? Pour Cleveland of course! More than likely you’ll need an energy boost before driving home, so why not go for a local cup of coffee? Pour has a very modern vibe with white walls and plants everywhere. (love that aspect!) In one of the window seats there was a cute little potted cactus plant. Upon seeing this, naturally I just had to take a photo of it! At Pour, I went for a pretty basic drink, ordering the cold brew. There are many options on their menu however, so you’ll be sure to find whatever you’re craving.

Now that I’ve finished sharing with you my Cleveland itinerary, I want to hear your thoughts! First off, are you from or near Cleveland? If so, what are your favorite spots to hit in the city? Also, what do you think of my recommendations and which places look really cool to try out? Let’s chat!

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