Boho Chic Summer Road Trip Essentials you Need to Pack

It’s summer and with that comes road trips! In this week’s Friday favorites I wanted to share boho chic summer road trip essentials you need to pack. These are the things I bring on any summer road trip and I think you need them too! Let’s see what my essentials are, shall we? šŸ™‚

Boho Chic Summer Road Trip Essentials you Need to Pack


1. A Kimono

Chances are you’re not going to travel with something bulky like a hoodie. But if I’m looking to add an extra, light layer to my outfit, a kimono is my perfect go to! I found this long, floral kimono from Amazon that I think is simply perfect. It really gives your outfit a carefree vibe.

2. BirkenstocksĀ 

My shoe of choice on road trips has definitely got to be Birkenstocks. They’re comfortable and they go perfect with the kimono I included. I like this pair in particular because it gives a little twist to the original Birkenstock design.Ā And let’s face it, sometimes you get hot on road trips and the last thing you’ll want to wear is a pair of shoes that doesn’t allow your feet to breathe! That’s why I think sandals are the way to go!

3. Pack a Head wrap

Not as into hats? That’s why a head wrap is one of the boho chic summer road trip essentials you need to pack. I thinkĀ head wraps are a great alternative to the typical hat. It’s a cool wrap you can wear on your head in so many different ways! My favorite way to wear it is just like a headband with my hair down and it tied in a knot at the bottom.

4. SunniesĀ 

This part is pretty self explanatory. I mean everyone needs a good pair of sunglasses, right? I picked this cool pair from Francesca’s with a 70’s look and feel and a bit of a modern twist. And the lenses are in a geometric shape, giving them a unique look!

5. Natural Hairbrush

This next is essential is also fairly common for most, I’d imagine! I can’t really go on the road without Ā a nice, natural brush because sometimes you need to clean up your hair a bit! Depending on how long you’re on the road, this may make your life a lot easier! šŸ˜€

6. A Good ReadĀ 

My three most favorite things to do on a road trip are talk to whoever I’m in the car with, listen to Spotify and read a good book. I picked out this really cool one from Urban Outfitters. I find it very fitting as it’s all about the places to see and things to do in America. It’s a must read for every trip you go on this summer!

7. Deodorant Wipes

Like I said and you already know, road trips can get pretty hot. That’s why I included these deodorant wipes from Pacifica. I absolutely love this brand because they use natural ingredients and all their products are cruelty free. (Which makes them gods in my book, lol) These make it easy to freshen up when you need to, midday after a day of driving.

8. Pack a Snack

You can’t go without a snack on any road trip! A couple things I like to snack on are healthier versions of chips, protein bars and trail mixes. It’s my ritual to always stop at rest stops and hop into Starbucks for a cold iced coffee. That’s where you can find this cool snack called “Hippeas.” I love that the white cheddar flavor is vegan, too!!

9. Pack it all up in a BackpackĀ 

Of course at this point you’re going to need something to pack it all up in! I prefer backpacks over purses on road trips. The Van’s one are always really cute, especially this floral one I included below! I recommend also checking out Pacsun backpacks. They have the best ones there! šŸ™‚

10. Sippin on some coffee

Guys, this is my day to day essential. Not even exclusively for road trips. šŸ˜€ But it’s even more important to me because I’m usually feeling much more tired when I’m traveling. It usually involves getting up really early and long days. In general I’m a pretty well rested person but not when I’m road tripping!

Boho Chic Summer Road Trip Essentials you Need to Pack

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