Boho Decor Trends: Macrame Wall Hangings x Beyaz Bohemia

Boho Decor Trends: Macrame Wall Hangings x Beyaz Bohemia

If you find yourself interested in boho decor, then I’m excited to introduce you to a new series on my blog. Many of you have really enjoyed reading my posts about boho decor, which is why I’d like to expand on this topic and keep you up to date with boho decor trends! Much like we all enjoy staying in the know when it comes to fashion trends, no one wants to be in the dark on decor trends either! Consider me your go to gal when it comes to the new and emerging trends of boho decor. This week I’m partnering with Beyaz Bohemia, a boho Etsy shop I’m ecstatic to introduce you to! She specializes in making beautiful macrame wall hangings and it just so happens that macrame is currently trending! So without further or due, let’s talk about boho decor trends: macrame wall hangings x Beyaz Bohemia.


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Boho Decor Trends:

Macrame Wall Hangings x Beyaz Bohemia



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Let’s talk about Beyaz Bohemia.. Designed and created by a one woman show, this shop is a true work of art. A local blogger I enjoy talking with from time to time, once said something that has continued to stick with me to this day.. It went something like this; “every time you support a small business, someones doing a little happy dance!” While I’m probably as big a Target fan as any, I still recognize the true value in supporting small business and of course your local girl gang! While Beyaz Bohemia is an online shop based out of Wisconsin, I’m still cheering Deniz on over here in Pittsburgh!

With macrame becoming an ever growing trend, this couldn’t be a better time to support your fellow girl boss! All macrame wall hangings sold in the Beyaz Bohemia shop are handmade and each a unique piece of art. As you can see in the photos I’ve taken of my macrame, I hung it up among my newly renovated gallery wall! If you’re looking to rework a wall in your home that’s looking a bit boring, I recommend trying this fun decorating idea. And if you want it to stand out? Add a beautiful, boho macrame wall hanging from Beyaz. There’s so many ways you can decorate a gallery wall too. A couple of cool options include hats, faux horns, pictures, art, or even a vintage camera! (Just make sure it’s hung very carefully, you wouldn’t want it to fall!) 


Boho Decor Trends: Macrame Wall Hangings x Beyaz Bohemia Boho Decor Trends: Macrame Wall Hangings x Beyaz Bohemia Boho Decor Trends: Macrame Wall Hangings x Beyaz Bohemia



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In case you missed it above, here’s how you can connect with and shop Beyaz Bohemia:


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And that concludes todays post! Now that you’ve patiently read what I have to say, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this! How do we feel about macrame, are you dying to add a pretty piece to your home or is it just not your jam? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Let’s talk local business too, do you feel it’s important to support local business? If so, I’m very happy you got the chance to read about not only a recent boho decor trend but a small business that is creating amazing work.

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