Celebrating 21 Years on This Planet in Free People

Celebrating 21 Years on This Planet in Free People

It’s pretty amazing, the fact that I just turned 21 a couple days ago. On November 27th, 1996 I was born! I have to say, it’s been a long and amazing journey that led me to today. In preparation for this day, I wasn’t sure what exactly I wanted to write about on my birthday. Whether that be reflecting on lessons  learned or some other meaningful thing I could think up. Instead, I decided I want to talk about the evolution of my style and how it became what it is today! If you want me to talk about things a little more personal, feel free to ask me questions on Instagram or in the comments! For now, let’s talk about the evolution of my style!



Celebrating 21 Years on This Planet

in Free People



As a Child: 

My style could be described as easy and comfortable. Which might make you ask, has anything really changed? lol During most of elementary school, I spent my time at the barn getting muddy. It’s for this reason that clothes had only one purpose, functionality. (That and I could care less about clothes!) There were times here and there when I liked to shop for sequins embellished clothes from Justice, however! A typical look for me was a t-shirt, jeans and a pair of tennishoes. After school hours? Dirty jeans, a flannel and cowboy boots! I spent most of my free time either at the barn or wishing I was at the barn! Typically, my bangs were clipped back and hair in a ponytail too. I specifically remember never wanting my hair in my face, something that also hasn’t changed. (Although I ignore this now lol)


Middle school: 

Oh boy, the middle school years were rough..lol Something I’m sure many can sympathize with me on! My first half of 6th grade I still wore Justice clothes but slowly started wearing Hollister and Abercrombie and Fitch too! Those were some of the most popular clothing brands when I was in middle school. I still remember desperately wanting their clothes to fit me but I still had to grow a little more! The only size that’d fit me at Abercrombie and American Eagle was the xxs or xs. Oh how times have changed!

Part of middle school I also went through this weird scene kid phase. A pair of navy blue converse and colored skinny jeans from Pacsun became my go-tos. I still cringe at the severely heavy smokey eye I used to wear and how I straitened my naturally curly hair every day.. Thank god, in 8th grade that dark phase ended and a new style began, girly and a little designer obsessed. Although I couldn’t afford designer clothes, my mom took me to consignment shops where I found secondhand Dooney & Bourke bags and many other designer goodies!  Places like Platos Closet were my fave!


High School:

This girly and designer obsessed style carried through most of my high school experience too! Although the designer part dulled with time and I began dressing in more of a somewhat preppy style. My favorite stores to shop at in high school were Marshalls, Hollister, American Eagle, Forever 21 and Francesca’s. One of my go-to outfits was a pretty lace top under a cardigan, with skinny jeans and riding boots. I LOVED wearing bows in my hair too, usually by clipping my bangs back to one side. Pearls were also a jewelry favorite of mine.

I also remember discovering Pinterest sophomore year. Probably one of my best discoveries, if I do say so. It was also that year that I met and began dating Stefan! Anyway, Pinterest helped me discover my love for classy, girly fashion. I also remember drawing a TON of fashion inspiration from Gossip Girl. Blair Waldorf’s style was seriously iconic in that show. It wasn’t really till midway through my senior year that my style began to take a switch in a bohemian direction! That’s the year I bought my first pair of Birkenstocks!



Yay, we’ve made it to my present day style! What’s funny is if you follow along with this blog, you probably already know it! My style can be described generally as bohemian. I love to give my own twist on it though by making it girly, adding little western touches and unique 70’s style clothes. It’s a really cool style I’ve drawn SO much inspiration from by Sarah Belle. For real, she’s low key my fashion icon. Basically, anything you see at Free People I would wear. (If I could only afford it all!) My other, more affordable shops I love to get clothes from are Marshalls, Macy’s, Forever 21 and Nordstrom Rack. Macy’s and Marshall’s get Free People stuff and run deals on them, so that’s one of the reasons why I love shopping there! I just really love dressing like a hippy, soo that’s where my style inspo comes from! Nine times out of ten I’m probably wearing a Free People dress and ankle booties, like this outfit we shot birthday photos in! I’m linking this super cute Free People dress below! 10/10 recommend it’s velvet AND has bell sleeves, could it be any cuter?

  • Samantha Nicole

    Happy late birthday! Your outfit is so perfect- love how funky it is!


    • Marah Frank

      Awe thank you so much!

  • Annchovie

    My style has changed so much over the years too! I love your current bohemian style!


    • Marah Frank

      Thank you! Isn’t it so fun to look back and reflect on our changing style?

  • Monique Elise

    Cute pics and happy belated birthday! I love style evolution! Thank goodness for it lol

    • Marah Frank

      Same! Seriously though, I’m happy my style evolved from what it used to be lol

  • Lauren E.

    Cute birthday outfit! The earrings are super cute.

  • Chelsea Boe

    Happy birthday! Adorable outfit and the cutest pictures.

  • Abigail Caplen

    Happy belated birthday!!! I just turned 20 last week and I surprise myself to see how much my style has changed 🙂

  • Lisa

    Ahhhh! Happy 21st love! and that dress on you is darling! Free People never dissapoint!


  • Kelly at Unapologetically Kell

    Marah, you are so beautiful!! This was such a great reflection on your life thus far. I hope you had a wonderful birthday!