Celebrating My One Year Blogiversary and Exciting News!

Celebrating My One Year Blogiversary and Exciting News!

Yes, it’s here! Today I’m celebrating one year of blogging! I’m filled with so much joy as I share this important and exciting day with you. Blogging for a year has changed my life in more ways than one but for the better of it! There’s many things that I’ve learned during my first year and I can’t wait to learn more as time moves forward. With one year of blogging under my belt, I have some exciting news to share! If you’re excited to hear what that is than read today’s post on celebrating my one year blogiversary and exciting news! I’d love to hear your thoughts on my news, so don’t forget to let me know in the comments below what you think!


Question of the Day: What are your thoughts on my news? Let me know what you think!


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Celebrating My One Year

Blogiversary and Exciting News!

Celebrating My One Year Blogiversary and Exciting News! Celebrating My One Year Blogiversary and Exciting News! Celebrating My One Year Blogiversary and Exciting News!



So what’s this exciting news I’m buzzing about? Well, I may have created a Facebook group… Yes, you heard that right! I’ve had this idea cooking in my mind for a while but finally had the courage to just do it. Attempting to create a group can be nerve wracking, especially because you don’t know if anyone will want to join once it’s created. At least this was my main concern! So far it’s been exciting endeavor and I can’t wait to see where this goes and what the group grows into! If you haven’t yet joined the group, let me explain to you what it is and what I aim to do with it. 🙂

The Facebook Group


 What’s it about? 

My Facebook group is called “The Blush Guide” and it’s core focus is to create a community of bloggers and creatives who want to network, befriend one another and share our love of all things blush! Community members are encouraged to use our hashtag #theblushguide when sharing photos on Instagram that include anything blush. It could be a cafe, pair of shoes or maybe a new accent rug! In doing so, we can bond over our interest in blush while also discovering places to take photos and items to buy.


Who is this group for? 

While blush loving gals will definitely love this group, it’s a community for all bloggers and creatives really. If you aim to network and connect with other bloggers, then you will love this group. The Blush Guide exists to propel and uplift its community. We have weekly threads where we share our goals, connect on social and share advice with each other. It’s such a fun and positive community!


Join the group! 

Sound any good to you? If you’re interested in following our Facebook group, you can join here. We seriously can’t wait to see you there and connect! Don’t miss out on an opportunity to meet your future online bff’s and join an uplifting community of bloggers and influencers!

Celebrating My One Year Blogiversary and Exciting News! Celebrating My One Year Blogiversary and Exciting News! Celebrating My One Year Blogiversary and Exciting News! Celebrating My One Year Blogiversary and Exciting News! Celebrating My One Year Blogiversary and Exciting News! Celebrating My One Year Blogiversary and Exciting News! Celebrating My One Year Blogiversary and Exciting News! Celebrating My One Year Blogiversary and Exciting News! Celebrating My One Year Blogiversary and Exciting News! Celebrating My One Year Blogiversary and Exciting News! Celebrating My One Year Blogiversary and Exciting News! Celebrating My One Year Blogiversary and Exciting News!

A couple of things I learned about blogging..


1.  Put quality above all other things

A truth I have learned very quickly about blogging, is that it is not easy..at all! While we want to cultivate a community at the end of the day, we’re still competing to a certain degree. And with so many new fashion blogs popping up on any given day, it can be incredibly difficult to stick out amongst this grossly saturated industry. Due to the saturation, I have one solution that will take your blog places. Produce superior content, on the regular, with your personal style. You get so many people producing variations of this but few are doing all of these three things at once.

If you produce content that is truly high quality, that you’re proud to put out there, your blog will succeed. If you snap 20 photos for your Instagram and you see a small detail out of place, fix it. Does the lighting look slightly off? Take it another 20 times. Could it use one more accessory? Take it again. My point is, we as bloggers need to be tirelessly working to produce content that is truly beautiful. So many of us wonder why we’re not growing and why people aren’t following us on Instagram but the truth is we need to shift our focus away from us and think about our viewers. Do they enjoy the photos we’re sharing? Is it inspiring them and have we helped them solve a problem? Learning to start focusing on the readers more and creating truly inspiring content will get you far.

2. Carve out a specific niche and get your branding down

This is a lesson that I’ve learned throughout the entirety of my time blogging. Don’t stress if you haven’t quite figured out your niche and branding yet. To get a strong handle on this, I experimented with fashion, tried different colors and ways to edit my photos. I looked back at what kinds of posts were most popular on my blog and my most liked Instagram photos. I even ran a couple of Instagram polls at the end of 2017 to gather insight on what people wanted to read about from me.

Take time to experiment and gather inspiration but most of all do not copy. The easiest way to never get any traction? Ripping off of other peoples ideas and creative work. I can’t tell you how much this infuriates me. It’s just not fair to cut corners and take whats not yours. The truly talented come up with their own ideas. These are the bloggers who will lead the way in the evolution of this industry, while those who steal will be lost in the back. Always strive to be a creative with integrity.

3. Be prepared to dedicate mad hours to this hustle

I’m not sure why I didn’t see this coming.. Unless you have money to shell out for a virtual assistant, you’re going to be spending mad hours on your blog. I find that the more time I put into it, the faster my blog grows. The reason why? With so many bloggers and the new content being put out there, you need to be constantly working to put yourself out there so you can be discovered! This can translate into time spent growing your Instagram, interacting and sharing posts in Facebook groups or leaving comments on blog posts you enjoy.

My suggestion is to create a social media schedule. I like to give myself admin like tasks to complete in the morning and evening. These mainly include checking emails, engaging with others and sharing posts on social media. Create a schedule that works for you and watch as your numbers grow! The reality is, people aren’t going to come to you organically, you have to bring the majority of them to you. No one owes you and your blog anything, you have to work for a following. 

4. Don’t succumb to spammy growth efforts 

Ahh, this is a big one and I’m a little scared to say it.. I’ve refrained from sharing my true feelings on this topic but if I’m sharing the biggest things about blogging I’ve learned this past year, then I have to say it. Please, pretty please stop with the spammy growth efforts! What are these exactly? Let me elaborate on them in the paragraph below..

Spammy growth efforts include: most Instagram giveaways, follow for follow and buying followers. I don’t say all Instagram giveaways because I believe the idea itself is a strong marketing tactic but I believe it’s overused and sometimes done wrong. When doing a giveaway I feel that there should be a lot of thought put into it. Choose to partner with people in your niche who have a very similar aesthetic to that of your own and choosing items that pertain to what you write about and fit your brand. (Please no more of the giving away money and iPhones) The other thing I think bloggers should do, is space their giveaways out. Maybe as a good rule of thumb, don’t do more than one giveaway every 4 months?

But these are just my personal thoughts on giveaways. I mainly hold these opinions because I believe we as bloggers need to start doing them a little more sparingly. And of course, I’m sure doing follow for follow and buying followers is already a big no no in your book, so I don’t feel the need to elaborate on this too much. Just remember that your numbers mean nothing if the majority of them are bought or wouldn’t follow you if you didn’t follow them back. To beat the “Instagram algorithm” and grow, you just need to attract genuine followers who want to engage with you.

5. Find a routine that’s realistic for you, to produce regular content

The last lesson I’ve learned, involves producing high quality content regularly and this is something you may struggle with as you first begin blogging. The best way I’ve found to overcome this, is to create some type of scheduling routine that works for you. No matter what you decide on however, you will want to do some sort of planning. If you aim to post a couple days a week, organization and planning ahead will be your best friend. So no matter how you feel about it, don’t fight it! I promise you’ll thank me later for taking this piece of advice.

When it comes to planning, some people like to plan out an entire month of content, while others may plan two weeks in advance. How close you cut it will depend on collaborations you may have lined up that month. Due to the fact I can’t think of blog ideas on the spot, I like to keep a list of my ideas as they come. Then, I’ll plug them in for the month on a big calendar, in pencil. I write with a pencil because there’s a strong chance once I get to that week, I may need to move some things around.

I’ve found that this method doesn’t stifle my creativity, keeps me inspired and gives me a rough idea of the kind of content I’ll be producing that month. Although planning can be really helpful, don’t worry about being too ahead as you first begin blogging. This is more so something you’ll eventually want to start doing as your blogging plate gets fuller! Other forms of planning can involve Instagram photos too. I’m not very good at this but some people like to batch shoot photos for this platform too. I can see how this can be incredibly helpful if you post everyday. I have yet to master this, so I’ll let you know when I figure it out.. lol 😉


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Well, thanks for reading the book that was today’s blog post.lol I’m hoping that the lesson’s I’ve shared are helpful to you! Now that I’ve taken so much time to share my thoughts, please let me know what you think in the comments below! Do you agree with my advice? How do you feel about Instagram giveaways? I want to know all your thoughts in the comments below. Thank you again for taking the time to read today’s post!

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  • I love this entire aesthetic! Congrats on starting a new Facebook page, I’m sure it will garner a lot of interest–the color blush never gets old. Your photographs are wonderful as well–keep on doing what you’re doing!

    • Marah Frank

      Thank you for all of your compliments! I have to agree, I don’t think blush will ever get old for me..lol such a lovely color!

  • megan

    Happy one year and congrats on your Facebook page!! Such an exciting time for you!

    xo Megan

    • Marah Frank

      Thank you so much, It’s been going really well so far. I’m happy I did it! 🙂

  • Happy one year – love these overalls! Beautiful photos like always. Good luck with your Facebook group – they’re the best for connecting and engaging!

    • Marah Frank

      Thank you! Facebook groups are such an amazing way to network and grow with one another.

  • Happy one year blogging! Your blog is one of my favorites, the writing and photography are amazing. Keep up the good work!
    xx, Lauren | misslaurenalston.com

    • Marah Frank

      Thank you, you are so kind! I am so happy to hear that you enjoy reading my blog. 🙂