A Cute Way to Wear Overalls This Winter & Stay Warm!

A Cute Way to Wear Overalls This Winter & Stay Warm!

Want to learn how to carry your overalls into winter fashion? If so, you’ll want to read today’s post! I’m tackling a cute way to wear overalls this winter & stay warm! Because over here in PA, the winter’s can be pretty brutal! While winter hasn’t quite hit us, it sure does feel like it. We’re already experiencing 40 degree days. (and Stefan and I have started bringing blankets to our shoots lol) So with that in mind, I’m going to share with you how to stay warm while you wear your favorite overalls this fall/winter! There’s so many ways to wear this cute piece, let me show you how! 🙂


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A Cute Way to Wear Overalls

This Winter & Stay Warm!



First off, if you’re looking for a pair of affordable overalls, you’ll want to check out Romwe! I know for me personally, I’ve put off buying overalls because of their expensive price! This pair I’m wearing is only $24! You can find many other pairs on Romwe ranging from $20-$24. I can’t believe how affordable their prices are! I’m so happy with how they ended up looking on me too. 🙂

To make your overalls both cute and warm, here’s what to wear! First off, you’re going to need a heavy duty sweater you can tuck in underneath. I don’t really have a cute one at the moment, so the one I’m wearing is pretty thin. However, a chunky sweater from Free People for example, would look really cute under your overalls and would keep you nice and warm! Add a cute accessory on top like a modern statement necklace too! I found the one I’m wearing in todays post on sale at JCrew. I highly recommend checking out the sale section on their site because JCrew has some amazing statement necklaces! Finish off this outfit with a pair of ankle booties or hunter boots! I recommend a pair that you can hide socks underneath, that way you can keep your feet warm. Top off this look with a cute hat, for a nice added touch and to keep your ears warm!