Holiday Gift Guide: Fair Trade & Cruelty Free Gifts

Holiday Gift Guide: Fair Trade & Cruelty Free Gifts

Looking to gift more ethical presents this year? If that’s you, than I can’t wait for you to read today’s holiday gift guide: fair trade & cruelty free gifts. If you don’t know what fair trade and cruelty-free is all about, let me explain! 🙂 Basically, fair trade is a social movement whose stated goal is to help producers in developing countries achieve better trading conditions and to promote sustainable farming. It means that the artisans who create goods, are paid a fair wage! Now that’s something to feel good about! 🙂 Cruelty-free, is a term pertaining to beauty products. When something like your body wash or mascara is cruelty-free, this means it wasn’t tested on animals. If you’re interested in giving gifts that are fair trade or cruelty-free this year, check out my recommendations! 🙂


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Holiday Gift Guide:

Fair Trade & Cruelty Free Gifts


Holiday Gift Guide: Fair Trade & Cruelty Free Gifts


American Nomad // Rojo Woven Blanket 

I’m seriously considering buying this blanket for myself.. I mean how cute is it? I love the western vibe/style of it and think it’d go perfect with my boho room decor. Besides, blankets are always a great gift to give during winter, especially when January and February are so brutally cold!

Ash & Rose // Lilly Velvet Party Dress 

This dress is so darn cute! I think it’d be perfect for the holidays and amazing for Valentines Day too! One things for sure, whomever receives this gift would be really happy.

Enrou // Mugavu Geometric Planter 

I am SUCH  a sucker for cacti, lol! I know so many people who are too! That’s why I think this geometric planter would make a lovely gift! Help your favorite friend decorate in the near year with this cute little cactus planter!

Greenheart Shop // Candle Mug 

Who else is loving candle mugs? They’ve been becoming quite popular and I can see why! Give one of these cute little candles away for a nice gift!

The Little Market // Handmade Mittens 

Want to give a gift that’s both cute and useful? Help someone keep warm this winter with a cute pair of mittens! I’m definitely more of a mittens girl over gloves myself. These mittens from The Little Market are adorable. I kind of think I need these too.. lol 🙂

Gingerbread Cooke Soy Candle 

Ahhh, I seriously need this candle too! I don’t know about you but I LOVE gingerbread candles. SO naturally, they made it on my list. I mean, who doesn’t love the smell of gingerbread cookies?

Ceramic Plate- White & Gold 

Another cute & stylish item you need from The Little Market? These ceramic plates, of course! Know anyone who just moved into a new home? Why not help them check off another new house item they need and give them these cute plates?

True Ethic // Star Lantern, Air Plant Holder 

Can’t think of that perfect, unique gift to give? Look no further if this is you! Why not give someone this star lantern? Personally, I may buy one for myself in addition to gifting one!

Rad Ritual // Lily Lolo Eyeshadow Palette

Have anyone on your list that loves makeup? This eyeshadow palette would make a lovely addition in their makeup collection. Maybe you can even share with them that it’s cruelty-free! Either way, the shades in this palette are gorgeous and flattering for everyone’s eyes!

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