Holiday Gift Guide: What to Buy Your Blogger Bestie

Holiday Gift Guide: What to Buy Your Blogger Bestie

Guys, how excited are you to read this post? While I was brainstorming what kind of gift guides I wanted to put together this year, I knew this had to be one of them! Because let’s face it, us blogger gals know what one another needs for everyday blogging! That’s why I thought it would be so fun to put together a holiday gift guide: what to buy your blogger bestie. And yes, this guide is going to include things we all would just LOVE to have, so we can up our Instagram game! lol Yep, no one has your back better than your blogger besties!! 🙂


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Holiday Gift Guide:

What to Buy Your Blogger Bestie




Faux Fur Blanket //

Naturally, if this blog post is for bloggers, it has to include a faux fur blanket! If you have a blogger bestie and she doesn’t currently own one of these, you simply HAVE to surprise her with one! I use my faux fur blanket all the time for Instagram photos, it’s simply a must have!


Impact Circular Reflector //

And of course, I have to include some photography goodies for all those blogger gals looking to improve their photos! Light reflectors are amazing for getting rid of pesky shadows in imperfect lighting environments. If you don’t own soft box lights, just whip one out and hold it above your photo subject to create a clean, lighting situation. Your blogger bestie will love you for this!


Capture Your Style //

Guys this book is seriously the best! Whether your blogger bestie has been at it for a while or is a newbie, this book is for everyone! Capture Your Style was created by Instagram veteran, Aimee Song. It’s basically the ultimate handbook on how to use Instagram, create a beautiful and cohesive feed and so much more! This would make for an amazing holiday gift, long story short!


Planner //

Every blogger needs a cute and stylish way to organize her meetings, editorial calendar and shoots. That’s why I feel it only appropriate to include this pretty little planner in my gift guide! Help her tackle those new years goals of being more organized with this thoughtful gift!


Girly Mug //

Pretty mugs are a definite must. This cute one from Sweet Water Decor would make for the perfect addition to any bloggers kitchen! Bonus, they’re a great Instagram photo prop!


Pink Mules //

These mules have been all over my Instagram feed the past couple of months, amongst the blogger community. Help keep your bestie comfy and looking cute with this awesome gift idea! Bonus, they’re pink! Who doesn’t love a pink, furry pair of shoes!


Pearl Beret //

Another trend I’m absolutely loving? Berets! They will make the most beautiful addition to any bloggers winter wardrobe! I love this one in particular for the pretty pearl details! Treat your blogger bestie to this cute one I’ve linked in this gift guide. 🙂


Trinket Dish //

How cute is the gold trinket dish? Not only is this gift functional, but also cute and it serves as a great photo prop! Now I’d say that’s a gift worth giving! Gift this to your best blogger friend and suggest she use it in a flatly, they’re perfect for this type of photo!


50mm 1.8 Lens //

Now I realize this is a pretty pricey gift, so I totally understand if you pass this suggestion up! However, I wanted to suggest it because I know some boyfriends may be reading this or you may feel like treating yourself or your friend extra good this holiday! Plus, it’s good to know that the 50mm 1.8 lens is a must for any blogger’s photos! It creates that beautiful, desired bokeh (blurry background) most bloggers are after!


Burnt Toffe Candle //

Last but not least, we have to include a pretty candle! Would this be a holiday gift guide without one? lol I love DW Home’s candles and think this scent would smell amazing! Candles are inexpensive and for some reason, none of us girls can ever have enough of them! (At least I know I can’t!) One things for sure, you can’t go wrong with gifting a candle!



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