How I Finally Learned to Theme my Instagram

How I Finally Learned to Theme my Instagram

I’m going to tell you right now, attempting to achieve a perfectly themed Instagram has been the bane of my existence. It’s not easy and it takes a lot of planning beforehand. Lately though, I think I’ve finally figured it out and I want to share with you how. Let me show you how i finally learned to theme my Instagram.


How to Theme Your Instagram


Step 1: Identify a specific color theme

The first step in how I finally learned to theme my Instagram, was to identify my theme’s colors. People do this in different ways. Some choose a couple colors to use in photos and others stick to one common color. Whatever you choose to do in this respect, make sure the majority of your colors have a similar color  backdrop. The best way to choose this, is to mirror your blog/brand’s color palette.

Let me explain how my Instagram’s color scheme works.

My blog’s color palette revolves around whites, blacks, light pink, rose gold and salmon pink. Therefore the common color in all of my pictures is pink and 90% of my pictures have a white background. I also allow for pops of black, salmon pink and rose gold when it makes sense.

You could even go for a majority white backdrop theme and then not be strict about using one particular color in each picture. Maybe you have a lot of blacks, blues and gray clothes. Make these three colors your color palette and then consistently post with a white background. Or maybe you know you live in a city and have the potential to be posing in front of primarily gray building walls. You might consider making gray your background in the majority of your pictures.

Also consider whether you’d like the background color to fluctuate or the subject in the pictures. In my case the subject color changes and the background is consistently white.

Hopefully you’re catching on to how this works! This step has made the biggest difference for me. If you feel your Instagram doesn’t have a specific theme, I recommend starting here. Get a common color theme going and be creative in how you plan to implement it.

Here’s a helpful article that also takles developing an aesthetic

Step 2: Edit and use the same filter

Can’t stress this one enough. Whether you edit through Lightroom, Vsco or Instagram; choose a preset or filter and stick with it. On my Instagram I finally decided to stick with the filter, “Aden.” I also process all my pictures through Lightroom first, so I edit them the same here. Making sure to adjust the brightness, contrast, etc. at the same numbers for each photo.

For example, every time I process my photos through Lightroom I know I typically adjust the brightness somewhere between +60 and +80. The contrast on my photos is always at +26.

This helps give a cohesive look/vibe to your feed. It’s very hard to make a uniform look if you use different filters and edit your pictures differently. So pick a filter and stick with it! Then come up with a uniform way to edit all your pictures.

Bonus points if you can find a way to develop a unique editing style. If you can achieve this, people will automatically recognize your pictures scrolling through their feed. This will do major things in helping you develop your brand. You can read more on this in my article here.

Step 3: Choose a picture theme/topic

This step will depend on what your blog or brand is about. Whatever your craft is, you’ll want to post pictures within a similar topic.

Take me as an example. My blog’s purpose is to write about faith, fashion and travel. I also write in my Instagram bio that I like donuts and pretty things. This gives me a very specific idea of what pictures I should be posting. Anything ranging from outfits, flat lay’s with flowers, pink donuts, etc.

Take a look at how I implement this with my Instagram here.

Hopefully you get the idea here. Take a floral business for example. Pictures could range anywhere from promotional graphics, to holding a bouquet against a wall, to a beautiful display in the store.

This Instagram account is the perfect example of a floral Instagram feed done well.

I’ll give you another great example. Let’s say you’re a fashion blogger. Your photos might contain an outfit post with coffee, a flat lay of your  favorite necklace or a brunch picture.

This Instagram account  does an amazing job maintaining a cohesive look and vibe. 

Step 4: Plan and delete as needed

The first part to this step regards planning. It’ll make your life a lot easier if you can manage to plan photos three at a time. This because when you visit someones Instagram you see their first 3 photos right off the bat without refreshing. It instantly sets the tone of what your feed’s theme may be.

If you work in 3’s you can also ensure the pictures you’re posting will look nice next to one another. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve posted pictures and they may have matched my theme, but just didn’t look right next to one another. Planning a couple in advance gives you control over the order in which you choose to post these pictures, so as not to run into this problem.

You’re also going to want to go through your feed and purge. I do this regularly if I’m not satisfied with how my feed looks. It’s good habit to scroll through and make sure not one photo is off theme. For me, I went through three different theme phases. A dark theme, white theme and no theme. I kept the pictures from these themes that I liked, and purged the rest.

Choosing to refrain from posting a picture that ended up not looking right with the theme is also important to keep in mind. I’ve left a picture up for ten minutes before, decided it just wasn’t working for me and deleted it. If it just doesn’t look right, don’t keep it.


This concludes all the tips I have for you today! I covered everything that helped me finally achieve what I believe to be a cohesive Instagram theme. It’s not easy but it does major things for creating a brand and distinct vibe/message. Make sure to follow me along through social media with the links in the sidebar and footer. As always you get to see behind the scenes of my life and this blog! See you in Wednesday’s weekly roundup. 🙂