How to Achieve Enviable It Girl Style on a Broke Girl’s Budget

How to Achieve Enviable It Girl Style on a Broke Girl’s Budget

Ever wonder how its done? You know, the title of this post! You browse other fashion blogs, see the outfits celebrities wear or watch a fashion YouTube video and just can’t help but wonder.. Is it possible to dress fashionably when you’re broke? Well obviously you think so, since you clicked on this article! 🙂 (Hint hint, I do too!) Money doesn’t have to hold you back from being an It girl! Let’s see how to achieve enviable It Girl style on a broke girl’s budget!


How to Achieve Enviable It Girl Style on a Broke Girl’s Budget


1.It’s where you shop that matters

No, really!

I know, I know this tip is slightly obvious, but bare with me here a little. You may think you’re doing pretty okay shopping at places like American Eagle or Francesca’s. Wrong. You could still be doing way better girl! The only time I buy clothes at these common stores is if they’re on the clearance rack. If you really want to score big deals, shop at consignment shops, thrift stores and discount stores like T.J. Maxx. And while consignment shops sound unfashionable to most, they really aren’t! The thing is, with a little sifting through the racks and some patience, you’ll be floored what you can find. I always thought I couldn’t thrift shop but the more you do it, the better eye you develop for clothes that could be new again with the right styling. Plus, perhaps the biggest positive is you’ll have clothes no one else does! And I don’t know if that makes you excited, but it makes me ecstatic! 


 2. Splurge on wardrobe basics, save on trendy statement pieces

This is an age old trick that I’ve been following for the longest time and it makes so much sense! Theres wardrobe basics that everyone across the board needs. A good pair of jeans, a formal dress as well as a casual one. A hat to accessorize with and a quality purse. (To name a few) These are some of the items everyone needs and they’re the pieces we keep for a long time so they’re worth the investment. Trendy statement pieces might lose our interest every couple of years, so they’re really not worth shelling out tons of cash on because they’ll always be changing. So save on the trends and splurge on the staples that’ll be sticking around long term.

3.  Buy clothes off season

Ahh, this is one of my favorites! Ever notice those coats that run for crazy expensive prices during their season? Well these, thick sweaters, and boots go on sale for crazy deals during summer and spring. Yep, that’s a thing and you need to start paying more attention for those deals. So although you need shorts in the summer, think a little ahead to the other months. If you find a coat for a great deal in July, just buy it! The cold you in December will be forever grateful for your foresight. 😉 

4. Stop obsessing over the latest and greatest trends, and create your own! 

Guys, please hear me out. I know trends are fun and sometimes I like to participate in them too, but they’re not everything! It’s crazy how much money we’ll shell out sometimes just to be “in.” You’d do well to know that many of these brands are wise to this and therefore charge expensive prices, because they know it’ll sell. Because, trends. If you’re after more than just being on trend, follow this advice. Wear whatever trends you want but don’t spend an arm and a leg on them if you’re trying to save money. And the other part, create your own trends! Everyone loves a girl who’s different. Be the girl who sets the trends, not the one that follows them like a hawk. This is what makes an It girl. 


5. Always look you just rolled out of bed.. lol stick with me on this one! 😀 

So, you’re probably wondering where exactly I’m going with this point.. 😀 I don’t mean per say, look sloppy but I couldn’t come up with a better way to explain what I mean. Basically, the trademark aspect of It Girl style, is looking like you didn’t put much thought into your look. It’s an effortless, cool girl feel. Easy ways to achieve this are wearing less makeup and keeping it natural, wearing your natural hair texture, dressing down dresses, etc. Take a look that would be otherwise formal, and accessorize it with casual pieces and top it all off with natural hair and minimal makeup. Done!

6.  Let accessories do all the talking 

This is a personal favorite styling tool of mine.  Your outfit can be otherwise fairly basic but with a little accessorizing, your outfit will be sticking out. And only in good ways. Fun accessories like hats, necklaces, scarves, hair accessories, temporary tattoos, readers, etc. Whatever your personal style is, chose accessories that emulate this! But make sure not to go over the top with the accessories as this can tend to be a pretty common mistake. Remember, effortless style.

7.  Wear unexpected pairings 

 Unexpected pairings in an outfit make people double take and It Girls follow their own style rules anyway. You don’t care if tennis shoes go traditionally with jeans, they look divine with that boho maxi skirt! Throw the traditional way of wearing clothes out the door and pair shoes and articles of clothing the way you want to. Maybe try wearing a dressy blazer with ripped jeans and slides. Or wear a backpack with a maxi dress. Do whatever looks cool but just bordering slightly weird. Because #stayweird my friends. 😉

8. Clean out your closet frequently 

I’m a little obsessive when it comes to organization. And my clothes organization…. 😀 But the thing is, the more familiar you are with what you have, the less likely you are to buy things you don’t need. Unless you’re like me and buy another pair of sandals because you just want to. Despite the fact you already have about 15 different pairs. Hehe 🙂

Every couple of months I organize my clothes. I go through what I have and put them in different categories; what I love, unsure and don’t like so much. The unsure category I revisit. If I need to I’ll try those clothes on and decide if I can go ahead and give it away. I’ll usually turn around and try to sell the clothes that I don’t want. Going through my clothes also allows me to see how well I’m doing regarding my wardrobe style. I tend to try and buy clothing pieces that are all in line with my personal style, boho chic. If it looks like I have clothes that are a different clothing style, that lets me know I’ve been a little scatter brained lately in my clothes shopping.

Doing things like this helps you develop a wardrobe in any type of clothing style you wish to emulate. Those It Girls you see who always look put together and a certain way, may just be doing this little trick. So be intentional about the clothes you buy and the ones you keep. If you do this, you’ll have your personal style nailed and looking that way everyday will be easy.

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