How to Extend the Life of Your Rompers and Wear Them in Fall

How to Extend the Life of Your Rompers and Wear Them in Fall

Raise your hand if you love wearing rompers! This month I’m on a mission to wear my favorite rompers later into the season. While you probably won’t see anyone wearing them during October and beyond, we definitely can still get our use out of them this September! The weather varies based on where you are, but I’m sure it won’t be getting too cold where you live that early! In Pennsylvania it really doesn’t start to get cold until midway through October. So you may or may not catch me still wearing a romper one last time in October! 😀 I bet you’re pretty interested what my recommendations are! Let’s see how to extend the life of your rompers and wear them in fall!


How to Extend the Life of Your Rompers and Wear Them in Fall



Tip 1: Wear ankle Booties

Guys, I will always look for an excuse to wear these shoes. Admittedly their a habit I just can’t kick and have no intention of doing so. 😉 Booties are great because they go with rompers like PB&J and they keep your feet a little warmer! Try slipping on a pair of short, thick socks to keep those toes warm! I’m considering doing a post on my ankle booties collection, let me know if you guys would be interested in seeing that! 🙂

Tip 2: Layer with a roomy sweater or faux fur vest

Typically, in the early fall it won’t be too cold which means a sweater is probably all you’ll need to keep warm! Have fun with the one you choose, pick one with a cool print or in a pretty shade! I love this one I have, because it has a very retro style print. This sweater is from Marshall’s and by the brand Billabong. A long cardigan or duster would also look adorable with this type of look. Although I’m not wearing it in these photos, I highly recommend wearing a faux fur vest with a long sleeve romper. You will look stunning, trust me! Bonus points, pair it with a floppy hat. Just trust me on this one. 😉


Tip 3: Try adding a pair of tights

If your legs are feeling a little cold, cover them with a pair of tights! I think tights would look best with a long sleeve romper and a faux fur vest paired with ankle booties. When it hasn’t quite gotten too cold yet, a small layer on your legs should be enough to keep from getting cold.