How to Instagram Like a Fashion Blogger

How to Instagram Like a Fashion Blogger

I can recall one of the many reasons I wanted to start a fashion blog, began with Instagram. I would scroll through bloggers Instagram feeds and admire their pretty feeds with perfectly curated photos. Upon leaving their little space on the platform I felt inspired. Whether it was to get out and explore around me or to try wearing a new accessory. Whatever I got out of it, there was one common factor. Their feeds were beautiful and made me want to do something! (Whatever that may have been on any given day.) That’s why today I want to teach you exactly how to Instagram this way, because anyone can! All it takes is a little practice, an interest and a little inspiration! So today, let’s dive into how to Instagram like a fashion blogger. 🙂


How to Instagram Like

a Fashion Blogger


The Basics: 

  1. Make sure your lighting is perfect, no shadows please!
  2. Fix little details that are out of place, it all counts.
  3. Be sparing with your filters, I usually turn mine down to 60%.
  4. When it’s really bright out, try to find a shady place or shoot in the morning or late evening. Harsh light creates shadows under your eyes and around you and we don’t want that!
  5. Play with angles and experiment, some of the best photos stem from this!
  6. Always leave a little space above your head and below your feet in a photo. If you don’t want your shoes in the shot, crop at the knees. If you don’t want your face in it, crop below the chest.
  7. Try to match the background with your outfit. The most stunning outfit shots are well thought out!
  8. Switch up the way you pose in photos with my how to pose like a fashion blogger post.
  9. Fashion accessories are your best friend and will take your photos to the next level. What makes the difference between a fashion bloggers photo and anyone else’s? We always find a way to bring fashion into just about any shot.
  10. Don’t be afraid to crop things out slightly in photos if it improves the composition of the photo. Aka if it looks good to crop part of your hat out in a flatly, do it. Not everything has to be entirely in the shot.


Common Types of Shots: 

How to Instagram Like a Fashion Blogger How to Instagram Like a Fashion Blogger

1. The Flatlay 

The classic flatly, I’ve met few people who don’t enjoy a good one! Us bloggers in particular, are always posting a good flatlay. 🙂 Here’s my tips when it comes to taking these..

  • Play with how you arrange your clothes. Fold, roll up, lay out, do whatever comes to mind!
  • Make the photo dynamic by arranging the outfit in a creative way.
  • Accessorize the photo with cameras, sunglasses, leaves in the fall, purses, rings, etc.
  • Change background textures. Buy fun blankets to lay out your clothes on!

How to Instagram Like a Fashion Blogger How to Instagram Like a Fashion Blogger

2. Outfit Shot 

There’s much to talk about regarding capturing the coveted outfit shot! Here’s a couple tips I can give you to get that perfect shot you’ll be rolling in the likes for. 🙂

  • As mentioned above, choose a backdrop that coordinates well with your look
  • Try theming an outfit with the backdrop! Ex: vintage dress & laundromat
  • Tall brick walls make for an amazing backdrop, especially white ones.
  • Play around with the crop of your shot. Have a pretty purse on? Take a detail shot of it alone!
  • Have fun in your photos, smile, play and move around. People like personality driven photos. 🙂
  • Make sure whoever’s taking your photos never does it from a lower angle looking up, this tends to not be flattering.
  • Try your best to get minimal people in the background of photos, as it tends to be distracting.
  • Check once and then twice that you love every detail of your outfit before leaving the house. It always sucks to be out taking photos and then regretting a fashion choice.
  • Scour Pinterest for pose ideas, it can be incredibly helpful!
  • Include props in photos like flowers and statement purses or a cool vintage camera! (My personal favorite and why I’m so happy to have a Fujifilm! 🙂 )

How to Instagram Like a Fashion Blogger How to Instagram Like a Fashion Blogger

3. Coffee Shops & Cafes 

How many shots have you seen on Instagram featuring cute coffee shops and cafes? They’re probably a dime a dozen and for good reason! Let me share with you a couple tips when it comes to capturing the perfect photo of them!

  •  Take a birds eye view of your food or coffee. Set it up with menus, or a MacBook and notebooks if you’re working at a coffee shop. Accessorize with a pretty purse, readers or sunglasses.
  • Play around with the arrangement of your food. Pick one item to be the focal point of the shot and arrange everything else around it. This makes the photo most pleasing to the eye.
  • Enjoying a particularly photographic place? Snap a photo of the design, especially if it matches the aesthetic of your feed. Photos like this really tie your feed together.
  • Or if you’re loving how you look that day, get a cute photo sipping on your coffee and looking out the window or with your food once it’s been brought out! 🙂
  • Have a pretty pair of shoes on? Snap a photo from above holding the food or coffee with your shoes peeping out from under or to the side.
  • When choosing what to photograph, take a good look at your surroundings. Whatever looks the most beautiful and appealing to the eye is what you’ll more than likely want to capture!


4. Murals 

Everyone loves a good mural and nowadays they don’t seem too hard to come by! On vacation? Look up on Pinterest mural guides so you can snap a photo in front of one! Live in or near a city? Find one local and potentially gain some new local followers! There’s not much to these, but here’s what I know.

  • Search under the murals geo tag to research other peoples photos, this way you can go in with a creative and never used photo idea!
  • Play with distance.. Sometimes the photo will look better close up and other times it won’t do it justice unless you snap far away!
  • If it works, coordinate the colors of the mural with your outfit. If it’s navy blue, try wearing yellow!
  • Let your personality shine and the photo will win peoples hearts. Laugh, jump, skip, whatever!
  • Make sure you have on a killer outfit because more than likely it will be showing entirely. Bloggers are known for creating killer looks to match equally jaw dropping murals. They’re the perfect combo!


How to Instagram Like a Fashion Blogger

5. Architectural (cute homes and buildings)

A fashion blogger I admire particularly regarding this is Gal Meets Glam! If you have some kind of aesthetic carved out for your feed, this will help implement it perfectly. Here’s some pointers for it..

  • Take photo’s of buildings that match your feed style, obviously. lol 😀
  • Try visiting small towns and walking around, you never know what you’ll discover. It’s become a favorite past time of mine to walk through towns and scout out cool new places!
  • You’ll get the best shot of a building in the morning, evening or on overcast days. When the sun is too bright, it creates messy lighting situations and lots of shadows. This was shot at 10am.
  • Capture the whole building or a little detail that’s prettiest, such as a flower box on a home or a brightly painted door. (If you, for example have a bright colors theme)

6. Details from the home 

This type of photo is the one I struggle with most. Unless you have a beautiful home with a lot of natural light, it’s not the funnest to put together. However, if you’re short on photos and you have a beautiful chest or clothing rack, this could be your next Instagram photo! Here’s how to do it.

  • Open all blinds, curtains and windows to let in as much natural light as possible.
  • Look around to see what you have that matches your feed or could be made a certain style. (A plain piece of furniture like a desk or white clothing rack)
  • Style it with accessories and clothes to make it the desired style of your feed. In both photos pictured above I added hats, shoes, belts, and more to give it the vibe I wanted.
  • There’s a couple shots you can go for; the clothing rack, at home workspace, birds eye view in bed or gallery wall, to name a few.
  • Take to Instagram for inspiration. Search under the hashtag #ltkhome for best results.
  • Use pretty throw blankets as props in photos such as on a chest, office chair or on a bed.



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