How to Narrow in on Your Blog’s Content Focus

How to Narrow in on Your Blog’s Content Focus

Ahh, one of my first struggles with the blog.. 😀

As someone with many interests, narrowing in on a specific content focus on my blog has been anything but easy. I did it however and I want you to be able to as well! On my blog, I compromised with myself a little bit in order to create a focus that works for me. It most certainly is a craft and I want to show you how to narrow in on your blog’s content focus.

Let me break down my method! 

Step 1: Choose your hands down, favorite topic to talk about.

On, the overall focus is fashion. This means that about 80% of my posts are focused on anything to do with fashion. Posts range from outfit diaries, a weekly roundup of other fashion blogs, clothing hauls or friday favorites. Those posts typically entail a collection of some of my favorite fashion pieces on my shopping list. Like spring trends or cozy essentials.

  If you really want to write about more than one topic, my best advice I have for you is to choose your favorite topic to write about predominantly. 

Your favorite topic will be what you post on the most. So if for example, you post 4 days a week, you should be posting about fashion twice. If you really want to nail the focus, try to make it three.

Step 2: Choose one to two other, similar topics.

This is really important to keep in mind. While it’s totally fine to write about one or two other topics in addition to your blog’s focus, they need to be closely related. 

So no, your best bet probably isn’t to write about home improvements or casserole recipes on a fashion blog. 

Don’t get me wrong, a lot of bloggers choose to write about multiple topics, but this isn’t my strategy of choice. And I’m guessing since you’re reading this it may not be yours either! Some people argue focusing on a specific niche helps grow your blog quicker, while others don’t see it that way.

At any rate, you’ll want to decide what one to two other closely related topics you’d like to blog about. For me, this includes travel and my faith. I find creative ways to make the travel section still focused on just that while bringing fashion in somehow. For example, my last “Thursday Treasures” post in Travel was called “What I Wear to Small Towns and Cafes.”

I featured a small business while simultaneously tying fashion in by sharing my outfit. 

Finding ways to bridge the gap between various topics will help keep the theme, feel, and topics closely related. When someone’s navigating through your blog and getting a feel for what its all about, a common theme is critical. It creates a purpose as to why someone might read your blog. If the majority of your posts are about one subject you’re more likely to catch a viewership because they visit for that purpose. This leads me to step three!

Step 3: Create a common theme/feel throughout each category.

The first way you can achieve this is actually by first, building your brand. I wrote an article about this too! Once you’ve achieved this, step three will be much easier.

These are a couple ways you can create a common theme:

1. Create a common color scheme in all of your pictures. Whether I’m posting about my favorite small cafe, Friday favorites or an outfit diary, I try my best to maintain a common color scheme. This sometimes takes more time and thought to achieve, but the results are striking. I think personally I have yet to master this, but it’s on the top of my list of blogging goals. Since my blog’s color scheme is light pink, white, rose gold and salmon pink, this gives me a place to start. You might consider trying to always incorporate one of your brand colors or maybe use that as a background color. Be creative when it comes to this! But remember you don’t have to be too ocd about this step as it can be quite meticulous. 😀

2.Craft the style of all your pictures with your brand’s theme in mind. As you begin taking more pictures, you’ll develop a specific style in the way you like to shoot pictures. By taking them in line with your unique style, it will help create a cohesive feel. In addition, you may want to stick to a similar style with the subjects your taking pictures of. For example; my style is boho and feminine, so I try to bring that style into whatever type of post I’m making. Whether it be through props, outfits or the places I go in my Travel posts.

3.Editing your pictures the same will contribute to creating a clear theme/look across the board. If you like to edit your pictures in Lightroom I recommend saving a custom preset, made by you. After editing a group of pictures with a common exposure, contrast, etc. save these changes as a preset. From then on, every time you edit pictures in Lightroom you can start off by applying your custom preset to all the pictures you need to edit for your blog. Presets act a lot like filters, and I sure do love filters.. 😀

Step 4: Determine what the core purpose of your blog is.

When you find yourself lacking the focus your blog needs, this will always ground you. Once you can define the purpose of your blog, deciding what to post about, what to focus your blog’s content on, becomes a lot simpler. I highly recommend taking the time right now to write down what the purpose of your blog is.

For example, take a look at my blog’s purpose: is all about sharing fashion inspiration with a boho feminine style. In addition to this, I write from time to time about personal things in my life, my faith and travel. It’s really an online diary about fashion and my thoughts.

Once you’ve tackled all of these steps, you should be well on your way to creating a clear focus on your blog. Hopefully you’ve found this article to be helpful and can effectively figure out what your blog’s focus is going to be. I’ll see you guys this Thursday for another post! Be there or be square. 😀