How to Pose for Instagram Photos Like a Fashion Blogger

How to Pose for Instagram Photos Like a Fashion Blogger

How many of you guys wish you could pose like a blogger? Some of my favorites like A Little Paper Doll and Sarah Belle Elizabeth seem to know just how to do it. While I wouldn’t necesarily consider myself an expert, I feel I’ve gotten the hang of it! 🙂 That’s why today I’d like to share with you how to pose for Instagram photos like a fashion blogger. Hopefully in doing so you can improve your feed and feel good about how it looks. Anyone can look like a model, you just need a couple of tips to know how! 🙂


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How to Pose for Instagram Photos

Like a Fashion Blogger


    1. Use Pinterest for inspiration

Secret boards are my absolute favorite on Pinterest. I recommend looking through photos of models and pinning ones with poses you want to try. Oftentimes I’ll pull out my phone to try new pose ideas I got from browsing through my feed when Stefan and I shoot. You’ll find that over time posing will become increasingly easier as you try new things!

    2. Experiment with your arms 

   This will be really funny at the beginning, but I’ve found great success with this! When taking photos, don’t be afraid to throw your hands up with a piece sign, over your head or maybe in the air! The options are limitless if you have a little fun. 😉  Just don’t get trapped in the way of thinking your hands need to stay down by your side. If you browse my Instagram feed, you can see I do this quite frequently to show off my fun personality! Also here and here.

    3.  Comb through your hair

   I think this is probably one of my most common go to’s. You can see me doing this here, here and here on my feed. It’s a great way to find something to do with your hands, a common concern for many! When I first started taking photos, this was something I worried about a lot. What do I do with my hands? lol 😀 Just comb them through your hair like a model, it’ll look perfect. Guaranteed. 🙂

    4. Look in various directions 

  You don’t always have to look at the camera! It’s fun to switch it up sometimes and look in different directions. Models do this all the time and so do bloggers! Find something to look at and give your photo a little attitude. As you can see, I love doing this in this photo and this one, to name a few.

     5. Pose sideways to switch it up

   Just like you don’t have to look in the same direction, you don’t have to with your body! Face the camera sideways or maybe take a shot from behind if theres a nice view your admiring.

     6.  Go for a serious expression 

   We probably all know this model trick, but it works doesn’t it? Personally, I enjoy serious photos most, so you can catch me with an expression like this quite often. See how I do it here and here! 🙂 And the key here is to look somewhat happy with your eyes, so as not to look like you want to kill That would be a no no. 😀

      7.   Move and fake laugh 

   Ever wonder how your favorite blogger seems to have such an effortlessly cute and happy pose in her shot? I’ve perfected it and it’s quite easy to achieve! All you need to do is pretend to laugh and move around a little! Walk forward a couple steps, move your body and face in different directions. As you do this ( and look silly trying to fake laugh) have your photographer take multiple shots at a time. By taking so many quick shots, you’ll find at least 3-5 photos that are winners! Moving around makes the photos look more effortless and less posed and planned. If you’re using a camera rather than a phone, make sure that the shutter speed is fast enough so your photos don’t turn out blurry! This trick works every time for me, and you’ll get better and better at it as you practice. Trust me, it’s nothing crazy hard! 🙂

      8.   Make sure you have good posture

   An age old, basic, but useful tip! Good posture always makes you look instantly better. I find that Stefan has to remind me quite frequently to fix my posture, as I’m usually shrugging! I’m not sure how I’ve developed such a poor habit, but at least he points it out. Extra points for this dime of an Instagram boyfriend! 🙂

      9.   Don’t be afraid to sit or crouch down

   Posing isn’t limited to standing, try different stuff! I like to sit down when it looks good and I have something to work with like a ledge or ground that’s not too dirty. Crouching is also not just for guys, give it a try if you’re wearing jeans or shorts. Trust me, you’ll be loving how you look. A serious face and fingers through your hair will more than likely look golden with this position. 😉

     10.   Use your accesories 

Feeling fashionable today? Use the accessories you have on to capture a cool and creative shot. Detail shots are a core part of fashion bloggers’ feeds and what makes them look creative and fashionable. Purses, sunglasses and jackets are all wardrobe pieces you can show off. Try pulling your jacket half down, holding it across your back or putting it half on. Make your shoes the star of the show like this or add a purse to a food shot to keep it stylish. There’s so many ways you can have fun with your accessories, us bloggers love experimenting with them in our photos!

  • Knowing how to pose is so important! It can save you a ton of time taking photos and editing them later. Great tips!

    • Marah Frank

      Yes I agree! Good posing can really make a photo!

  • I’m just going to pin all your pictures on a secret board, haha… for someone who tends to be sheepish and somewhat awkward in front of the camera (yours truly) these tips are golden. Thank you!