How to Score Great Deals on Free People Clothes

How to Score Great Deals on Free People Clothes

Ahh, every boho fashion loving girls struggle. You walk into Free People and wish every piece that meets your eye could be yours. Then you look at the price tag and realize it’s not going to happen. If this struggle is yours too, I feel you girl! With this in mind, I want to help teach you how to score great deals on Free People clothes so you don’t have to miss out on their beautiful clothes. If you love Free People as much as me, than you simply cannot pass up today’s post. Read on to see how I’m building up a small collection of Free People clothes without killing my funds.


How to Score Great Deals

on Free People Clothes




1. There’s a couple important stores you need to shop at for Free People deals.

      – Macy’s

Nine times out of ten, most of the Free People clothes I’ve bought weren’t from the actual store. Have you ever noticed that Macy’s caries their clothes? Well if you didn’t know you do now and it’s time to pay attention! It’s very common for Macy’s to run 40% off sales on Free People, so always be paying attention there. In addition to this, the backstage clearance area can also have leftover Free People clothes hidden on the racks. If you’re willing to rummage through the racks, I guarantee you’ll find a couple of goodies there for crazy good deals!

      – Nordstrom Rack

Another store you need to be checking out asap is Nordstrom Rack! Not only can you find really cool brands like Madewell and Topshop but Free People too! I’m always popping in to check out their Free People section. I’ve found clothes currently sold at Free People here, discounted as much as 50% off. It blows my mind every time!

      – Marshall’s & T.J. Maxx

The last stores you could be finding Free People discounted, are Marshall’s & T.J. Maxx! The inventory is usually pretty small, so it’s always good to keep checking. Some days you’ll get lucky and others you may not find anything. I’ve scored on some pretty amazing finds like $5 Free People exercise shorts and t-shirts under $25. You never know what you’ll find at these stores!


2. Strategically shop at Free People during different times of the year.

My last tip I have for you, is to be strategic about when you shop at the actual Free People store. Almost 90% of the time I don’t buy any of my Free People clothes from the store. As I said above, there’s been times when I’ve found the same top currently sold at the Free People store, for 50% off at Nordstrom Rack. A good time however to shop through their store, is during the holidays. I recommend stopping in on Black Friday, after Christmas and during the month of January. You’re likely to snag some pretty amazing deals during these times of the year!