How to Cultivate a Unique Fall Style

How to Cultivate a Unique Fall Style

Two exciting things are happening on the blog today. First, this post is one of two posts created in a collaboration between Mattie and I. (Yay! ) Second, it’s the first of a new series on my blog called”In Preparation for Fall.” In the weeks to come I’ll be sharing with you guys various posts regarding everything that is to do with fall! I’m very excited to share these posts with you in the near future and can’t wait to see what you think! But today, I will be talking about how to cultivate a unique fall style. Over on Mattie’s blog, she’s sharing with you her favorite shoes for fall. Let’s dive into today’s post, where I’ll be sharing with you how to create a fall style that sticks out among the rest! ๐Ÿ™‚



How to Cultivate a Unique Fall Style



ย 1.Give a fresh take on cardigans

In fall, more than likely you’d regularly be planning on stocking up with new, comfy cardigans. This season, try something new! If you hope to cultivate a unique fall style that will stick out, you’re definitely going to have to switch it up! ย There’s a lot of different options to try for the season to come that I’ve been stocking up on. I can’t wait to debut them on the blog for you guys!

A couple of these options are…

Roomy kimonos with pretty embroidery, a shag coat or even a duster cardigan with fringe at the bottom! The easiest way to stand out, is remix the seasons most common staples. A duster is still a cardigan, but by adding such a dramatic length, it makes it pop! I really like ones with fringe, for an extra cool detail. Shag coats can be lighter, making them ideal for fall and they too have a cool girl vibe mixed with a vintage feel. Hence why I’m loving them for the cooler season. And finally, as you see below, kimonos are my ultimate go to. They aren’t the warmest, so the kimono has a quicker expiration date, but they’re great for a couple reasons. First of all, a kimono might be the perfect option for transitioning from summer to fall. Second, if its not too cold out but the weather still calls for an extra layer, this will be your perfect answer!


2. Revamp your boot game

Similar to my tip above, try experimenting with falls most common staple, boots! I’m really excited about some of my latest boots finds including white faux leather boots and cowboy boots. Surprising but true, these aren’t limited to the farm or country concerts. Cowboy boots can be worn at the coffee shop, out to dinner and anywhere else you may end up this fall! White boots are also a new fun and exciting pair of shoes I’m so happy to have in my fall wardrobe. Other types of shoes to try wearing are velvet or embroidered boots and ankle booties with western details like these. Now those are sure to wow and get a ton of compliments! The price is quite steep but I may just take the leap and get them! ๐Ÿ™‚


3. Accessories will be your best friend

I can’t sing the praises of accessories enough over her on the blog. They can do major things for your wardrobe, so don’t overlook them! ย  A couple of my favorites for the fall season are wide brim hats, like the one I’m wearing in this post, jewelry, hair accessories and anymore now, bras! As far as jewelry goes, I’m recommending you get a nice body chain to layer under v-cut tops, bodysuits and dresses. It adds such a cool and subtle detail to any look! Other jewelry I’m currently loving is layering boho rings and western inspired chokers.

Other accessories..

Anymore now, lace bralettes can be a great way to accessorize as well! I find that they add such a nice, pretty flair to any look, since they usually peak through tops. And as far as hair accessories go, experiment this season! Try putting your hair half up in a bun and pairing it with a thick headband for a cute, boho look. Headbands are actually slowly becoming a staple in my wardrobe again. It’s funny how I’m realizing they’re not just for little girls. lol ๐Ÿ˜€ I also really like wearing a hair tie or two on my wrist as an accessory and for convenience!

4.Draw inspiration from others

In the end, inspiration is what helps cultivate the best looks you see on Instagram! Let’s be clear, there’s a very real difference between inspiration and copying. A word often over used by kids, but still valid as you grow older. Copying isn’t cool and it doesn’t reflect well on your aptitude for style and creativity. It’s always best to be original, because remember, the original is always the best. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Besides this, my favorite thing to do is create Pinterest boards to add photos to that inspire me. Find people that have a style you admire, outfit pairings that you love and a piece of clothing you’d love to wear.

The trick is picking one or two aspects out of a photo you enjoy. It’s by doing this, that you’re simply drawing inspiration from someone’s outfit, rather than creating a second rate copy. I may see a photo of a fashion blogger I admire, such as New Darlings. A couple weeks back I saw a photo of her wearing a pair of cropped, wide leg jeans. Rather than attempting to copy her, I saw that I liked the jeans she was wearing. I found a pair by a different brand that fit my body type best and styled it entirely on my own, adding my own individual flair! Going about fashion this way will help you find inspiration for the coming season and create looks that are uniquely you! ๐Ÿ™‚


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In Conclusion…..


Hopefully you feel prepared to create a fall style you can feel proud of! I’m really excited to see everyone create their fall style that’s unique to their own taste. Just remember to think outside the box this year and garner inspiration from everything around you. Whether that source may be Instagram, Pinterest and anywhere in between! Now that you’ve read my article, it’s time to read Madies! She’ll be sharing with you her favorite shoes for fall. Go read it! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • cardigans and boots are such staple items for fall! I can’t live without them!! | Hint of Grey

    • marah

      Yes gotta love a good pair of boots!

    • Marah Frank

      I agree! I pretty much wear boots year round, they’re just the best! lol

  • Such a nice read, and I couldnt agree more, especialyl on number 4.Draw inspiration from others. I actually get most of my inspiration from Instagram. Lots of creative individuals out there!

    Jessica |

    • marah

      I know I love Instagram so much, it’s such an amazing platform and resource!

    • Marah Frank

      Thank you, so glad to help! Instagram is amazing for inspiration for sure.