How to use Tumblr as a Tool for your Blog

How to use Tumblr as a Tool for your Blog

Hey guys, hopefully your Monday is going to be a good one! To help you start off the week on a more productive note, I’m sharing my tips on how to use Tumblr as a tool for your blog. I think Tumblr is a highly overlooked platform for fashion bloggers. I’m going to make a case for the social media platform and teach you how I’m using it for my blog. Read on to learn how Tumblr just may be the newest tool you need in your life!

1. Tumblr will help you develop an aesthetic

Pinterest and Instagram are other amazing tools for this job as well, but I find Tumblr to be the best in developing an aesthetic. It’s extremely important to create a cohesive brand look for your social media and blog. You can read more in depth on that in my article.  I’ve been using Tumblr as my mood board, in which I experiment with color, theme, or style. It gives me an easy, straight forward look at how my vision is coming together.

Color for example, is one thing I’ve worked on with my Tumblr blog. It’s typically a lot easier to decide on your aesthetic’s color scheme when you lay it out with pictures on your blog. You can also test out a particular style you may want to go for. Whether that may be a classy polished style, or laid back and boho. Your Tumblr is your mood board to test it all out! 

Once you’ve come up with an aesthetic for your brand, it can only serve to keep you on track. I’ve noticed that the more consistent I am with using Tumblr, the clearer it is to me what my style is. You’ll notice as you reblog the pictures that stick out to you most, a pattern in color and style. Whatever that may be, I suggest you stick with this as it must be your style! I’ve found through my Tumblr blog that my aesthetic is boho and feminine with influences from the south and shades of pink. I also have a soft side for creative coffee shots and cactus’s.

2. Tumblr is another platform to share on

I know, us bloggers are always looking for new ways to get our content out there right? Well I’ve been seeing other fashion bloggers doing this successfully and I highly suggest you do the same! Just share pictures from your blog posts that make sense. What I mean by this, is to space out the pictures you’re sharing from your blog. You want to make sure you’re mixing them in with other posts from other Tumblr blogs. Also make sure the pictures you’re sharing from your blog match your Tumblr blog and look good together. So I wouldn’t recommend sharing three pictures in a row from your latest fashion post on your Tumblr blog. I think it looks best spaced out.

3. Tumblr will increase your creativity

Guys I can’t speak enough on this one. Tumblr is oozing creativity and unique shot ideas. Sometimes I even gather shot ideas for possible Instagram or fashion blogging photos. It’s an amazing resource to help you work your creative muscles and constantly come up with new ideas. If I’m ever experiencing a time when my creativity is running low and I need some new ideas, this is the site I turn to. Go use it! 🙂

4. Tumblr helps you find like minded influencers

Theres a couple of websites I enjoy using for this reason as well, including Bloglovin and Pinterest. A smart strategy in further developing your specific brand and networking, is finding other influencers. I use this broad term because these people don’t need to be limited to bloggers. They could be YouTubers, boutique owners or a celebrity. Finding influencers with a style that inspires you is key in helping you nail down just what your brand should look like.

My reason in bringing Tumblr into this conversation, is that I believe it’s a great platform to search for such influencers. I’ve found a couple of my most favorite bloggers with a style that inspires me through this website. My most favorite would definitely have to be Mackenzie Kendall. I found her blog through Tumblr and her outfits continue to inspire my fashion posts to this day.

5. Tumblr always has the latest trends

As bloggers, we know trends are very important. (Especially if you’re a fashion blogger) That’s why I’m constantly referring to Tumblr to keep up with the latest clothing trends. There’s a reason people call trendy places “Tumblr looking.” Tumblr is synonymous with trendy. So if you want to easily stay up to date with trendy fashion, food, etc. use Tumblr! Just about every blog on the site is littered with trends.

6. Tumblr can serve as a preview of your main blog

I think Mackenzie Kendall does an amazing job at this. Given the fact that Tumblr is a very youth oriented, and not extremely popular tool among bloggers, I haven’t found many people doing this well. I’ve read on many other people’s blogs that blog traffic has gone down. Although blogging is still very alive and well, it has noticed a decrease in traffic. This is why many bloggers are utilizing platforms such as YouTube or Instagram to deliver smaller portions of their content to those who don’t frequently read blogs.

What I’m getting at, is that I believe Tumblr can do the same for bloggers. I view Tumblr as a twist between your typical blog and Instagram. It’s primary focus is all about pictures and gifs, but still structured in a blog format. That’s why I think bloggers should create a Tumblr blog as an extension of their main one.

What Mackenzie does quite frequently is share all of her pictures from each post on her Tumblr blog. Combined with other fresh reposts from other Tumblr blogs, this gives potential readers a quick an easy idea of what your main blog is all about. It also shows them what your blogs focus and style should be. I love this as a technique because your Tumblr blog basically serves as a trailer of what you’ll find on your main blog. It’s also an easy way to get your blog photos shared all over Tumblr. Much like what happens when people repin your blog photos on Pinterest.

I hope this article served as a great example of how you can utilize Tumblr as a tool in your blog’s growth and brand. For more help in creating your blog’s brand you can read my article here. And if you’d like to learn more on how to narrow in on your blog’s content focus click here. Don’t forget to follow my Tumblr blog to see how I put all of these tips into action!