Instagram Worthy Coffee Shops in Pittsburgh: 4121 Main

Instagram Worthy Coffee Shops in Pittsburgh: 4121 Main

Fun fact about me? I LOVE aesthetically pleasing cafes and coffee shops. Funny, you may say but it’s true! It’s partially for this reason that I adored visiting Charleston last summer. This cute little town is filled to the brim with them. Unfortunately, I don’t live in the beautiful southern town of Charleston but I do happen to live in a pretty amazing city called Pittsburgh!

It just so happens that my city has many Instagram worthy coffee shops, which is why I’m adding a mini series here on my blog, dedicated to the many coffee shops you’ll find here. I mean, who doesn’t love a coffee shop where you can not only enjoy the amazing lattes but also take in the atmosphere and maybe photograph it a little? (If you’re like me, you totally would! lol) For the first installment of Instagram worthy coffee shops in Pittsburgh, we’re talking about a new favorite of mine called 4121 Main! So if aesthetically pleasing coffee shops sparks your interest then check out today’s post on Instagram worthy coffee shops in Pittsburgh: 4121 Main.


Question of the day: What’s your favorite local coffee shop?


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Instagram Worthy Coffee Shops

in Pittsburgh: 4121 Main

Instagram Worthy Coffee Shops in Pittsburgh: 4121 Main Instagram Worthy Coffee Shops in Pittsburgh: 4121 Main


A coffee shop that has been on my must try list for far longer than it should’ve is the lovely 4121 Main. This year Stefan (my boyfriend) and I have made a pact to explore more than we have previously. The act of exploring is not new to us but rather, we’d like to begin trying every place on our must try list, no longer with hesitation. This pact has lead us to finally give 4121 Main a try! Located between the neighborhoods of Lawrenceville (a personal favorite) and Bloomfield, 4121 is in my opinion, situated in the perfect spot. I love the idea of stopping by for a latte and then driving into Lawrenceville afterwards to stroll through boutiques like No.14 and Una Biologicals with a latte in hand.

 My Favorite Drink Order: 

When I stop in 4121 Main, I always order the lavender latte. Last summer I gave lavender lattes a try and haven’t turned back. While an acquired taste, it’s like none other. Basically, I recommend this drink hands down so don’t be afraid to give it a try!

An important piece of information to note, is that this coffee shop is unlike Starbucks when it comes to drinks. You won’t find sugary added syrups or flavors to add. It’s very clear that there’s a firm admiration for the pure taste of coffee here. If you don’t particularly enjoy the taste of espresso quite yet, flip over to the second page of the drink menu. It’s here that you’ll find more specialty drinks like lavender lattes. You should find a drink best suited for you here!


On an eco-friendly note:  For those concerned about the use of disposable coffee cups, I’m happy to say 4121 Main does serve your drink in a mug, if you choose to enjoy it in the shop. I know this is a concern for some, as I have learned from Instagram messages I received. Luckily, they’ve thought of this!


The Vibe: 

Decorated with beautiful florals everywhere, 4121 Main is my staycation of choice. What’s really cool about this coffee shop, is that they offer floral design for weddings, special occasions, etc. Flowers and coffee? If you ask me, it’s a match made in heaven! Not only do they offer floral design and lattes but upon stepping in, you’ll find an intentional curation of goods ranging from fresh flower bouquets to artisan bars of soap and cards, among many other hand picked items. It’s like walking into a small gift shop with creative, specialty goods and a kick butt offering of lattes and espresso drinks. In summation, 4121 Main is best suited for those who love flowers, art and coffee made with only the best ingredients. If you want your weekly coffee shop trip to be as unique as the drink you sip on, this is your ideal spot!


Instagram Worthy Coffee Shops in Pittsburgh: 4121 Main Instagram Worthy Coffee Shops in Pittsburgh: 4121 Main Instagram Worthy Coffee Shops in Pittsburgh: 4121 Main Instagram Worthy Coffee Shops in Pittsburgh: 4121 Main Instagram Worthy Coffee Shops in Pittsburgh: 4121 Main Instagram Worthy Coffee Shops in Pittsburgh: 4121 Main


Alright, time for me to hear from you! What are your thoughts on 4121 Main? Do we think it’s Instagram worthy? If you ask me, I’m thinking a resounding yes! For my local friends, what’s your most favorite independent coffee shop? I want to hear all about it! Let’s chat about coffee because I could do that for days you guys.. Nope, I’m not kidding. You’ll find this out quickly. 😉

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  • I loved your post! Thanks for sharing! I’m definitely looking forward to checking out 4121 Main in the near future! Like you, I love all things lavender! So I’m sure I’d enjoy their lavender latte!

    • Marah Frank

      Yay, so happy you found this post helpful! Definitely give it a try and if you love lavender then you will most definitely love theirs!

  • Briana Wilvert

    This place looks so cute! And lavender lattes sound amazing!

    • Marah Frank

      It is, one of the cutest in Pittsburgh! Definitely give lavender lattes a try, they’re amazing.

  • Tatianna Gabrielle Alvarez

    that coffee shop is too cute! if i’m ever visiting i’ll definitely have to check it out! also, your outfit is adorable, love the vibe!

    • Marah Frank

      Awe, thank you that’s so kind! Yes, totally give it a try if you’re ever here you won’t regret it! Lol

  • Samantha Hull

    I was just in Pittsburgh for 3 weeks and could’ve definitely used some of these recommendations! Lol (I’m originally from there so I’ll be returning ASAP). Love this post and can’t wait to see a few when I’m back! Xo

    • Marah Frank

      Ahhh, no so sorry you just missed out on this spot! (deff. give it a try next time you’re here) I have many new posts coming regarding Pittsburgh and my recommendations, so hopefully you’ll have some new spots to check out next time you’re here!

  • Cute cafes are EVERYTHING!! <3

    • Marah Frank

      Agreed! My favorite little hobby is to find new ones!

  • These coffee shops are so cute!! If I am in Pittsburgh I am definitely checking this out! Also, love your blog!

    • Marah Frank

      Awe, thank you! Yes if you’re in Pittsburgh it’s a must!