Music Festival Fashion Essentials you Need!

Music festival season is upon us, and so is all the fun fashion trends included with it.

As someone who loves to dress like a 70’s flower child, festival season is so exciting for me. I’m obsessed with the fashion, the outfits, the everything! Some of the years biggest trends come from two different sources. You have the runway shoes in the spring, which show us what the year’s biggest trends will be.  But there’s another event that determines this as well. That my friends, are the music festivals that we all attend throughout the summer. Coachella brings out some of the biggest celebrities, artists, models, etc every year. Showing us how to style trends such as flower crowns and off the shoulder tops.

I hope some day I’ll make it out to Coachella..

For now I’ll just blog about what I’d wear if I did get the chance to go. It’s cool. 😀

Top Music Festival 2017 Trends:

    1. Hair Glitter

There are so many fun options with this cool little hair accessory. My favorite would have to be braiding your hair and then applying it to your part. I’m kind of obsessed with braids.. 🙂

     2. Western Belts

You can find really cute western belts for a great deals at Forever 21. I linked one of them below!

     3. Body Chains

I couldn’t be more excited for this trend in particular. It creates a fun alternative to your typical necklace.

     4. Bandanas 

Wear  in your hair, around your wrist or even on your neck. Bandana’s are versatile, cheap and oh so adorable.

Every festival season certain trends from past seasons stay and new ones are born. I’ve included in today’s post old and new trends emerging this year. Some exciting ones I’m particularly excited for, such as body chains (which sound kind of weird without seeing a picture of them first, lol) and western inspired belts. You don’t want to miss out on what’s going to be big this year! So today I’m sharing with you music festival fashion essentials you need.

Like really bad. So take notes.. 😀

Music Festival Fashion Essentials you Need!

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  • I like your style! These are super cute pieces for festival season.

    • Marah Frank

      Thank you so much! 🙂