Step Four Learn the Basics of Fashion Photography

We’ve finally arrived to the conclusion of my series on how to start a fashion blog! This leaves us with step four learn the basics of fashion photography. While we can’t cover it all in one shot, there’s some basics we need to go over to start you off on the right track! I want to help you learn how to create good photo composition, where to take photos, what to shoot off of and more!


Step Four Learn the Basics of Fashion Photography 

So what all goes into fashion blog photography anyway? Well, there’s a couple segments within it that we need to discuss!


1. Location

Location is everything when it comes to your photos. When scouting out the perfect location to shoot your photos at, keep in mind a couple of different things:

  • The vibe

  • The aesthetic 

  • The colors

  • How it relates to your outfit/post topic

To start, you’ll want to choose a location that fits the vibe of your post. For example, if your post is about a barn wedding outfit guide, you may want to shoot it in a rustic location. It may be an old barn you found or maybe in a field. The main thing you want to make sure you do, is choose a location that’s going to make sense in what you’re posting about.

The aesthetic needs to match as well. It could be boho, girly, fun and bright, etc. Whatever it is, choose something that will work with your aesthetic. This will always make your photos look better and help the continuation of branding on your blog!

Keep into consideration the colors in the location as well! As I said earlier, if you’re aesthetic is fun and bright you might opt for colorful murals and bright walls. If your aesthetic is girly, maybe you look for cute cafes or beautiful courtyards and gardens to shoot at. In addition, always pay attention to the colors of your outfit and make sure they coordinate with the location well. My post in the perfect Forever 21 jumpsuit for summer under 30 does this well.

Consider how it relates to your outfit/ post topic. As I said earlier concerning the vibe and aesthetic, choose a location that works well with what you’re posting about. If you’re wearing an urban outfit, you may choose to show it off in the streets for your post. If you’re writing a fashion post for college girls, maybe you want to scout out a cool location on campus! Always be thinking about these things when choosing where to shoot. When you choose a good location that coordinates well, it takes your photos to another level. I always find it very noticeable if someone doesn’t think these things through seriously. Don’t be this person! 🙂

2. Shot Composition

What really seemed to take my photos to another level, was changing the composition of my photos. Photo composition is how you frame an image, and what you choose to include in the framing.

Before taking a photo, I always choose what will be the focus of the image. The difference between a good photo and a mediocre one, sometimes has to do with just this. So the first most important thing I can encourage you to do, is always have a focus or in other words “subject,” that’s the main focus in the shot. Lets take a look at a couple of examples below!

 And think about the details.. 

When shooting outfits, always find creative ways to show off your look! You can do this by shooting your subjects in the middle of a shot or off center. Think about cropping as well. Not every shot needs to be the full look and strait on. Show details of the look such as your necklace or the bow on an outfit. Move your arms around to allow readers to see the wide sleeves. Take photos at different angles and heights. Always think about the details in the look your about to shoot, so you know what you should be getting detail shots of.

In this photo, you can see that the backpack is the main focus! Everything else behind it is just a little detail while this backpack is our subject.

Where I Shop to Score Major Deals on my Favorite Clothing Brands

The star of the show in this shot is the iced coffee! 


In this photo, we shot it slightly off center. Don’t be afraid to shoot things in various ways such as this. It adds variety and keeps things new and fresh. The main focus in this shot would be my sleeve.

4. Editing

The final portion I’d like to talk about, is the editing process. While I’m not going to go in great detail, (as everyone has their own individual editing style) I can tell you the basics! There’s a couple things you’ll want to change in your photo editor to improve the look of your blog photos. They read as follows:

  • Exposure

  • Contrast

  • Saturation

  • Blacks

  • Whites

  • Highlights

  • Shadows

  • Clarity

  • Vibrance

I simply edit my photos in Lightroom adjusting each of these to my liking. If you can, I highly recommend creating your own preset within this editor so that each of your photos are edited similarly and look the same way. Of course you’ll always have to make small adjustments here and there, but it cuts editing time in half. I do use presets that I’ve bought to give my photos a unique feel. For me, I tend to like the vintage, grainy feel most. I also always edit my photos to be warmer rather than cooler.

As you’ve spent time editing photos and become increasingly comfortable with what you’re doing, start to think about what your photo style may be. This will more than likely depend on what your branding looks like and the colors on your blog. My photos are warmer because the color palette on my social media and blog includes warm colors. Think about presets as well. Some people use them and others do not. It’s all dependent on what your brand style is, so do some experimenting!

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