Step Two Creating Your Website and Branding Basics

Congratulations, you’ve completed the first step to starting a fashion blog! At this point now you’re ready for step two creating your website and branding basics.

There’s a couple decisions that have to go into creating your website and I’m now going to list some of the basics below!

The Basics of Creating a Website 

1. Choose your website platform

There’s many different website platforms out there to choose from and you’ll have to chose one to begin! I use WordPress and have had nothing but great experience from it. WordPress is a very popular website platform used by many bloggers. It’s somewhat user friendly but if you have no experience in building or designing websites you may need to utilize different tutorials online. Most bloggers and website designers like using it because of the limitless possibilities with customization it has. More basic website platforms will have limits to how far you can customize them and how fancy you can get. If you’re serious about blogging however, and want a professional website, I’d recommend WordPress.

A more user friendly option:

If you need something a little more basic to help you get the hang of things, I have two recommendations. Many bloggers love other platforms such as Blogger and SquareSpace. Check these out as well to get a feel for what will be best for you. At the end of the day this is what’s going to matter most, and you shouldn’t leave your blog on the back burner because you’re still trying to figure out WordPress. Start where you need to and work your way to where you aim to go! 🙂

For further reading on this: How to Choose the Best Website Platform for you 

2. Choose a website theme

If you can’t afford to hire a website designer or don’t know advanced code, this is going to be your ticket to a beautiful website. Website themes can be found on places like Creative Market and Etsy, to name a few. The best way to find a good theme for fashion blogging is to type into their search terms like “feminine blog theme.” This will bring up results with pretty, feminine looking blog themes. (The kind of pretty themes you see your favorite bloggers using)

A couple of WordPress themes I like: Scarlet Theme, Reese Theme, Feminine Theme, and Inspired Theme

Once you’ve found a theme you love, all you have to do is download it to your computer. You’ll then go to your blog and download on your website. You can do this on WordPress by hovering over the appearance tab in dashboard and then clicking themes.

I will be coming out with more detailed tutorials in the near future regarding technical website building things, so stay tuned! 🙂 (Such as how to install a website theme or plugin. Or what a plugin even is. :D)

For further reading on this: 9 Questions to ask Before Choosing a WordPress Theme  

3. Buy your domain name

If you’re serious about creating a truly professional website, I highly recommend buying your website domain name. It usually doesn’t cost any more than $15.You can easily do this by going to GoDaddy  and typing in the search bar the name you want for your blog. If it’s already taken you’ll have to modify or come up with another name. If not, it’s yours! All you’ll have to do then is follow the steps to buy the domain name. Its quick and painless, I promise! 🙂 


These are the basics of creating your first blog. If you have any detail oriented questions regarding anything we’ve talked about at this point, feel free to leave them in the comments below. As I said earlier, also stay tuned for further tutorials in the future explaining in depth how to install themes and things of that matter. Before the conclusion of this article I’d also like to dive into the basics of branding, as this directly ties into the creation of your blog!


The Basics of Branding

First off, I’d like to refer back to one of my other articles regarding branding if you’re interested in learning this topic more in depth. You can read about branding 101 how to create your brand here.

Now lets get to the basics! 🙂

1. It starts with the right website theme

Before you choose your website theme, branding should come into consideration. What look are you going for on your blog? Do you want a feminine look, or maybe something more minimal?

It helps tremendously, before you look for a theme to know this. If you know what look you’re going for, you can use key words when searching for a theme such as feminine or minimal.

So the first step to branding your blog, will be in choosing a website theme thats going to reflect the look you have in mind. And if you don’t even know what look you’re going for, my branding 101 article might be just what you need before you find a theme. Don’t choose a theme until you know, so you can really kill the branding game. 😉 

2. You need a clear color scheme

Again, directly tying into the website design. (Hence why I wanted to talk about the two topics together) You’ll want to figure out what your color scheme is going to look like. I’d recommend choosing 2-4 colors. A couple neutrals and coordinating colors. (Ex. pale pink and salmon with white and black. Hint hint, this is my color scheme! Hehe :))

Brainstorm about the look that you want, whether it be beachy, fun, vibrant, girly, etc. This will help you decide what color scheme is going to be best for your blog. In deciding this, you’ll have a better idea about what colors to use in your website design.l

3. Create categories fitting the purpose of your blog

Remember how we talked about creating a niche for yourself within fashion in the first step to starting a fashion blog? This is where figuring that out will come into play. Creating a branded website includes creating website categories that make sense. In the menu on your blog homepage, these categories will lye. Take time to think these through, and what you’ll be actively writing about. Within my fashion category for example, I have “Outfit Diaries,” “Friday Favorites,” and “Weekly Roundup and Hauls.”


These are a couple of the basics I wanted to share in step two creating your website and branding basics. Hopefully you’ve learned something new and are one step closer to creating the blog you dream of having! At this point you should know what the topic and purpose of your blog is and be able to begin the creation of your blog. You should also have a basic idea of what your branding will look like.

My biggest recommendation at this leg of the journey is to have a basic idea of what your color scheme might look like. Make sure you also know what the style of your blog will be, whether that’s edgy or bright and colorful. This is the unique twist your blog will have compared to the many thousands of others on the web.

If you have a clear blog content focus and a firm grasp on what your colors and style will be, you’re well on your way to success in the blogging world! Good luck my friends. 🙂