Summer Wardrobe Pieces Every College Girl Needs

Happy summer guys! I guess this post is a little delayed as most college’s finish classes midway through May, but we’re just going to go with it anyway.. 😉 There’s just some pieces in particular that every college girl needs in her summer wardrobe so that’s what we’re going to tackle in the latest Friday Favorites post! Hopefully you can finish up that shopping list you’ve been adding to for the long, exciting summer ahead today! To get you started, I’ve compiled summer wardrobe pieces every college girl needs. (Because there’s just some things you shouldn’t have to go without this summer.. 😀 )

Summer Wardrobe Pieces Every College Girl Needs: The Rundown 


1. A Flowy Dress 

The epitome of a comfy wardrobe, is when you can make even wearing a dress comfortable. I have at least 5 comfy dresses. Because screw trying to look pretty if it makes you feel uncomfortable girl! Find yourself a flowy dress that makes you feel in touch with your inner flower child and comfortable. Free People never misses the mark when I’m looking for a dress like this, check out the one I included below!

2. Wide Brim Fedora

This is the statement accessory that needs to make it into your closet this summer! Ever feel like an outfit is missing a little something? It’s probably a wide brim fedora. 😉 (Which by the way would just so happen to be a match made in heaven paired with the Free People dress I included in this post!) These hat’s give major California girl vibes and I’m loving every bit of it.

3. Roomy, Lived in Overalls

Okay, these are totally a statement piece too and you need them. When you buy a pair of overalls though, go for a loose fitting, distressed look. I couldn’t find a pair like that to include in today’s post but I’m sure you could find some. Paired with a Brandy Melville spaghetti strap crop top and loose, messy waves, you’d have the perfect summer look.

4. Teva Sandals 

Because while I love a good pair of Birkenstocks, I’m kind of looking for the next latest and greatest shoe trend.. And these puppies are it! Make a bold statement with these shoes this summer!

5. Festival High-Waist Cutoffs 

You can’t really go without high-waist cutoffs. They’re so flattering and perfect for just about any summer occasion you’ll be going to during the warmer months. Whether it be festivals or carnivals, they’re kind of a girls best friend. American Eagle usually has some of the best shorts like these.

6. An Adorable Smocked Top

Smocked top’s were a trend of the 90’s and have since been making a comeback in a big way. I’m trend forecasting they’ll be one of the biggest trends this fall and for the next year or two. Don’t miss out on all the cute tops and dresses they’ve been making in these styles!

7. Bring the 90’s Back With Scrunchies! 

Yet another trend of the 90’s we’re just dying to bring back. The cool thing about scrunchies are in the fact that they’re just as cute in your hair as around your wrist, like a bracelet. I swear the scrunchie probably never makes it to the hair because it looks to darn cute on the wrist. Anyway, I found velvet ones from TopShop in a 3 pack I’ve linked below! They’re a must have. Seriously, just get them they’re only six dollars.. 😉

8. A Rad Head Scarf

Who says head scarves can’t be trendy anymore? I’m bringing them back for myself because sometimes a head scarf is just way cuter than your conventional headband. Fold it thin, wrap it around your head and tie it underneath. 70’s vibes will be all yours, and I think you’ll be cooler for the better of it.. 😉

9. Cut-Out Ankle Booties

Run of the mill ankle booties are getting old real quick. Or maybe I just get bored with trends too fast? Give this trend new life with cutouts! They put cutouts on dresses, they give them to tops, so why not ankle booties? Your typical sandals for summer are getting a little stale anyway. Make a statement, be different and rock booties with your high-waist cutoffs.

Summer Wardrobe Pieces Every College Girl Needs

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