The 5 Unique Pairs of Shoes you Need That no one is Wearing

There’s some big changes in the process of being implemented on the blog! I’ve really taken some time to hone in on what my blogs true focus is, past the baseline topic of fashion.Through some thought, I’ve discovered it’s my passion to not only bring you fashion advice, but teach you how to cultivate a style that is more than simply containing all of the current trends. Todays post is the first of many that should hopefully help any reader following along to create a unique style that sticks out among the masses. From here, I’d like to share with you guys the 5 unique pairs of shoes you need that no one is wearing. Some cool people still might be rocking these shoes but their spotlight as the current trend has come and gone. I think we should pick it back up. 😉

The 5 Unique Pairs of Shoes you Need That no one is Wearing 


1.Cowboy Boots

Ask any girl into boho fashion, and she probably has a pair of cowboy boots. What’s cool is that these unique boots aren’t limited to any one particular type of style. So whether you want to look like a country sweetheart, a boho queen or something different altogether, you can do just that with proper styling. Pair these boots with a boho dress like in my post on what to wear to barn weddings. Or maybe wear them with cutoffs and a cute off the shoulder top. The skies the limit and totally up to your own creative style. To score an affordable pair, try buying a pair at consignment shops like Buffalo Exchange. It’ll take a little extra time, but you’re bound to score a pair at a sweet deal eventually!

2. Oxfords

My favorite classic and preppy bloggers still faithfully wear these shoes but I don’t see them making an appearance anywhere else these days! While they’re traditionally worn in this style, they can totally be reinvented with a different twist. Try wearing them with less preppy clothes like ripped jeans and slouchy tees for a relaxed look.

3. Loafers

Another popular preppy mainstay, but a must buy for anyone.With proper styling, they can be paired with many different articles of clothing and made to match your personal style! Looking for something a little more boho? Wear them with jeans and a long, loose blouse and wear a headband in your hair. Want to look a little edgy? Try wearing dark denim skinny jeans with a Rolling Stones tee and a faux leather jacket.

4. Dr. Martens

A popular trend in the 90’s that has stuck around amongst the indie/alternative style culture. (And for good reason!) Dr. Martens tend to look more on the grunge side, so if this is your look you’ll love these! But if you wear grunge clothes already, you probably already wear Martens.. 😉 For someone like me, my goal would be to add a little bit of a girly vibe, so I might pair these with a long cardigan and a floral Brandy Melville dress. Just take a little bit of time to experiment with your clothes and see what looks good with them!

5. Jellies

Another popular trend of the 90’s that I feel needs to come out of hiding. Jelly sandals are definitely a unique pair of shoes to wear. You’ll easily have the most original style in the room rocking these cute little shoes though! I think these would be cute with a casual dress or romper. Maybe add another 90’s trend to your outfit and put a t-shirt under your dress. Then you’ll be scoring major 90’s child points. 🙂

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