The Best Reasons to Buy and Wear Vintage Jewelry

The Best Reasons to Buy and Wear Vintage Jewelry

Hello everyone! I’m hoping today’s post may give you a little pick me up if you’re experiencing a little case of the Monday’s.. 🙂 Have you ever thought of or considered attempting to buy vintage jewelry? A hobby that might require a bit of digging but has the potential to give you a jewelry collection different from everyone else. And we’re all about being unique over here on, so what better way to achieve this than to buy vintage? Today we’re laying out the case as to why you should, in the best reasons to buy and wear vintage jewelry.

For those of you who already love vintage jewelry, you don’t need any more incentives to hunt more down, do you? I know I don’t. If you have not yet added any antique jewelry to your collection or  considering buying some for a friend, here are a few reasons why you should buy and wear antique jewelry.


The Best Reasons to Buy and Wear Vintage Jewelry


-Owning a part of history

This is often the biggest appeal of antique jewelry because you’ll own a part of someone’s past and if you’re lucky, you may even hear part of the history in the shop. You can’t find these timeless gems anymore, and modern jewelry doesn’t have as rich tapestry of history as antique pieces do.


-One-of the kind pieces

Often on a bargain, you may see a totally unique piece. Besides being fun to collect and wear, these pieces make wonderful conversation starters. It’s fun to discuss where a bracelet came from or if you somehow bought a pendant that one of the Royals once wore. Not two pieces of vintage jewelry are the same and will always be a statement piece in any outfit.


-More affordable

With new, modern jewelry, you have to pay current prices plus the mark-up because of the shop’s overhead. It doesn’t work like that if you buy antique jewelry from a reputable antiques dealer. To begin with, the piece is already reduced from its original price, and is often much less than re-creating a similar antique piece.  Come see what Kalmar Antiques in Sydney has to offer in their antique jewelry collection.



Antique jewelry can withstand the test of time, as we’ve seen. Pieces over 100 years old still are in great condition. This is because craftsman during the Georgian and Victorian periods handmade their jewelry, taking special care of it. Nowadays, some craftsmen may live by those standards but it’s much harder to find pieces that have been made with such care.



If one of your passions is going green and protecting the planet, then this is just another reason to buy antique jewelry. With antique pieces, there is no additional mining or manufacturing. Meaning you may enjoy the spoils of the earth such as precious metals, diamonds and gemstones just the way they were meant to be worn.



Trendsetters will often flock towards antique jewelry because their favourite celebs love this timeless fashion as well. Actresses, such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Nicole Kidman effortlessly show off antique brooches, while other style icons like Natalie Portman show off their antique engagement rings.


-Holds great resale value

If you ever decide to part with a piece, these timeless pieces increase their value every year.


-Continue the tradition of past generations

Oftentimes families like to preserve and pass on family heirlooms. Maybe your antique diamond ring or antique cameo will be the next piece handed down for generations to come.


As you can see, there are numerous reasons why you should treat yourself or a friend to a unique vintage piece of jewelry!

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