The First Step to Starting a Fashion Blog

  Hooray, I’m starting a new series on my blog today! 🙂 

And it’s going to be dedicated to the topic of how to start a fashion blog. This topic can be quite extensive to cover as there’s so much information to cover and go through. This is why I’ve decided to not only turn this topic into a series but also a YouTube video! Unfortunately the post and video won’t be up at the same time but it will be linked in this post as soon as it’s ready later this week.

 I’m going to break down the series below, so you know what to expect in the coming weeks!

Get excited. 🙂 

 First Step: Choose what you’re going to write about! 

Second Step: Create your website and branding

Third Step: Set up your social media platforms & build your following

Fourth Step: Learn the basics of fashion photography 

So without further or due, let’s get talking about the first step to starting a fashion blog! 

It might seem like the most obvious step but isn’t always quite defined as well as it should be. Have you ever visited a website that didn’t have a clear, easily discoverable main topic?

I’ve been to many websites and blogs like this before.

It’s always possible to branch out a little and expand the topics your blog covers but in my opinion and that of others, it’s best to have a clear focus in mind when just starting out.

I’ve talked about this before in detail in my post about how to narrow in on your blogs content focus. After finishing this post I highly recommend reading this article. In it, I walk you through in detail what it takes to completely think through what your blogs content focus is. The nice thing about this, is that once you take the time to think it through, you can always go back and look at what you wrote down regarding the purpose/content focus of your blog. This will remind you what the core of your blog is all about when you need to be reminded!

A couple of ways I recommend going about choosing a blog topic include: 


1. Write out your top interests and what you’re most passionate about

Easiest way to figure this out? Think about the type of tv you watch, who your favorite influencers/bloggers/YouTubers are or your favorite Instagram accounts and things to read about. You get the point, right? 😀 In writing all this down, you should notice a pattern in interests. This leads me to my next recommendation!

2. Take note of topic/aesthetic and interest patterns

I’ll give you a personal example of what this might look like! For me, I know that I love fashion, so most of the people I follow on Instagram are fashion bloggers and clothing brands. (Especially bohemian style ones! Hello potential aesthetic!) When I have spare time I’m typically picking out new outfits, frequenting fashion websites to find out what the latest trends are or online shopping on places like Nordstrom Rack and Francesca’s. From this small amount of information you can see there’s a very clear pattern! I love fashion and more specifically, boho fashion. This is what helped me decide on a fashion blog, although I do have to admit, I knew off the bat I wanted to blog about fashion. (It’s always been one of my biggest passions in life :))

Be sure to consider potential patterns in the style and aesthetic you tend to gravitate towards. This will help you big time when beginning to figure out what your brand/branding should look like.

3. Think about what’s most sustainable 

What I mean by this, is simple. There’s some topics you may be interested in enough to write say, one or two articles about. For me that might be a post related to health & fitness. It’s a small side interest I have, but nothing I could see myself blogging about weekly, in the long run.

Really try your best to envision what you’d love to write about a lot. Because of course as a blogger, you will be writing about it regularly! 🙂 A really easy way to figure this out may be to brainstorm on the spot articles you’d write about that topic. If you can’t think of more than a handful ideas, chances are it might not be a solid enough interest of yours for blogging. 

4. Consider a niche/topic not yet tapped into 

Not everyone will have an extremely outside the box kind of interest.. If you do however, I strongly recommend you blog about it! Lets face it, blogging’s a pretty saturated market. (And for good reason) Many smart people have chosen to give it a whirl, seeing how rewarding and fun it can be!

At the same time however, it sure does make for a lot of competition. And not in the extremely sports, competitive way! It simply means ranking higher in search engines and becoming discoverable on social media is harder. This is why if you have a unique topic to write about, go for it!

Think about the basic topics there are, such as Recipes, Exercise and Fashion. These are all topics highly saturated and written about by countless bloggers.

Now lets think about how these topics could be made more niche specific. A typical recipe blog could be given a unique remix by dedicating it solely to writing about how to feed kids healthy food they’ll like. An exercise blog could be dedicated to writing about the trendiest places to workout, eat and buy fitness clothes. And finally a fashion blog all about boho fashion for college girls. See where I’m going with this?

At this point you should’ve taken time to jot down notes on everything we’ve talked about today. At this point I recommend reading over everything you wrote down to gather your thoughts. Sit on this information for a week or two and try to narrow down potential topic ideas.

 If you’re struggling to chose between a couple topics..

If this is you even after completing all of these steps, I recommend the following. Choose one overall favorite topic. After you’ve been able to do this, you might consider choosing to write about one similar topic to your main one on the blog as well. This way you can write about that other topic as well. I’d just recommend that the second topic you chose is closely related to the main one.

So if that doesn’t entirely make sense to you, I’ll give an example. On my blog, the main topic is fashion. The other sub topics I write about occasionally are travel and marketing tutorials for bloggers. Basically you’ll choose one main topic that’s the core of your blog and then one or two smaller topics you write about occasionally.

At this point hopefully you’ve been able to complete the first step to starting a fashion blog! Good luck and I’ll be adding the second installment to this series next week. Happy blogging. 🙂

  • kathy

    I don’t have a fashion blog but I do have a lifestyle and travel blog. This is good advice for me too. Thanks:-)

  • Totally recommend picking a niche! For me, I found that picking a niche and then occasionally blogging about a different topic is totally ok and my readers can get to know me in other ways. For instance, I have a beauty blog but occasionally post fashion stuff. That’s ok because 80% of the time, my readers know they get beauty from me. When they see style, if they don’t care, they can hit the big old “X” on the computer. But sometimes, they may like it and get to know my taste better. I find it works well! Also helps me not struggle with maintaining a 50/50 split of content.

  • Jennifer Schmidt

    This is good advice for any blog. I have a lifestyle/food blog.

  • These are great tips! Sustainability is key!

  • Amen to all of the above – it HAS to be something you love enough to write about constantly, consistently!

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