The It Girl’s Guide to Philly

The It Girl’s Guide to Philly

Last week I went on an exciting road trip down to Philly. I only had two days to explore the fun and exciting city so we tried to make the most of it! But we did some exploring and found some places you don’t want to miss out on! So today I compiled a guide to Philly. Whether you’re going in the future or have been before, hopefully you can find something in the it girl’s guide to Philly, to check out!



The It Girl’s Guide to Philly 



1. Reading Terminal Market

This was probably one of my most favorite places we visited. Beware, it’s super crowded in there but the choices for food are endless. There’s coffee, Chinese, pulled pork, fish and of course the iconic Philly cheese steak. (To name a few options) Plus, if you couldn’t tell from my photos theres a ton of Instagrammable signs in there that I just loved! We ended up getting Chinese food when we visited.

The It Girl's Guide to Philly


2. Rittenhouse Square

Looking for a beautiful park to stroll through the heart of downtown? Rittenhouse is where you want to be, if that’s the case. Unfortunately for us, we got rained out near the end of taking photos. And had to drape clothes over my camera to finish the shoot. ( ;)) It has a beautiful fountain perfect for using in the background of photos. The trees are tall and beautiful and you can see the buildings peaking through. I recommend grabbing some coffee with a friend or special someone and sitting at the fountain together. It’s a really nice area to spend some down time.

3. La Colombe Coffee Roasters

Your typical slightly over priced coffee shop? Yes. Worth it? 10/10 recommend.  The coffee tastes as good as it looks and the locals agree. If you’re looking for a place to buy a good cup of coffee, La Colombe is where you want to go. Bonus, it’s also within walking distance from Rittenhouse! If you don’t mind walking, you can hit this coffee shop, Rittenhouse and Chestnut Street bagels all in one day. 

4. Chestnut Street Philly Bagels

This little bagel shop is located in the perfect area. It’s on a very busy and vibrant part of town. My recommendation is to order the tye dye bagel with cake batter cream cheese. It makes for excellent photos that are totally worth posting on Instagram! You can then munch on your bagel and walk across the street to shop in the wide selection of stores they have!

5. Chinatown 

I thought it was really wild that they have a Chinatown in Philly, so naturally I wanted to visit! Unless you’re looking to stop somewhere to eat, it’s not somewhere you’ll likely spend a lot of time in. However it’s great for snagging a couple of great photos like mine below! Chinatown is also within walking distance from Terminal Market so these two would be good paired together for a day trip.


Other Places we Didn’t Visit/Photograph, but Recommend 


1. Chestnut St. 

Remember the bagel shop I talked about earlier? Well it’s located on Chestnut street, and I could probably spend hours there! They have a ton of places to shop like Nordstrom Rack and Buffalo Exchange. There’s also a Target, which I found pretty cool because I’ve never seen a downtown Target. I know, it’s the little things. 😀

2. Magic Gardens 

Perhaps one of the most popular places to take awesome photos and we missed it! (I know, the shame. lol) Magic gardens is an outdoor art installation with a small fee to visit. Take a look on Instagram and you’ll find a lot of really cools photos here! This art installation is located on South street, another must see.

3. Elfreth’s Alley

Elfreth’s Alley is one of the oldest residential streets in America. As a blogger, this area is gold to me. The photos you could get here would be beautiful. There’s 32 houses on this street built between 1728 and 1836. If you have more of a preppy/classic style, these houses would look perfect with your style. The street is cobblestone as well, how cute? 🙂

4. South Street 

“South Street is one of Philadelphia’s most eclectic and lively neighborhoods. Known as the edgiest street in Philadelphia, South Street is a melting pot of groups and cultures. It’s got personality & charm all its own with over 300 diverse shops and more than 60 restaurants, cafes and bars. South Street is perfect for people watching — it’s always buzzing with hip visitors and locals no matter if you visit on a Tuesday afternoon or a Friday night!” (From

5. Ben Franklin Bridge 

I’ve also heard the Ben Franklin bridge is a must see. I definitely recommend walking across this bridge during sunset. Plus, you’ll be able to get some great photos during golden hour. New Jersey is actually on the other side of the bridge, so you could definitely visit for the evening if you were feeling up to it. I expected there’s some pretty exciting nite life over there!


If there’s one thing we learned, it’s that Philly is a huge city. Yes I know, pretty obvious! Since Stefan and I weren’t there too long, we went to as many places as we had time. Hopefully this guide did a good enough job sharing with you the most important things you need to see in this city. I’m sure we missed a lot but this should at least be a good resource when you plan your trip to Philly!