The Swimsuits you NEED, all Under $40

The Swimsuits you NEED, all Under $40..

All my friends have just wrapped up with college and are beginning summer break. Even though I’m not quite in college yet, every time this happens, summer feels like its begun for me. It only feels right to start looking at bathing suits then and trying to figure out what I want to wear this year! Personally, I’ve got my eye on crochet bathing suits. I love the boho vibe they give off. Crochet makes me feel like a 70’s flower child and this makes me feel crazy happy. 😀 Nothings better to me than 70’s fashion and boho details.

I’ve linked below and included four bathing suits I found that I’m just dying to wear this summer. The awesome part is, they’re all $40 and under! How sweet is that? I don’t know about you, but I’m not made of money. I very rarely spend more than $50 on any piece of clothing. So if you’re a girl on a budget, then I have you covered. I’ve also included both one piece swimsuits and two piece ones, because everyone has differing tastes in swimsuits of course! 🙂

Also, side note one pieces are making a MAJOR comeback this season and it has me extremely excited.

The Swimsuits you NEED, all Under $40

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