To Gift: A Curated Date Night Box for Valentine’s Day x Hamilton Wax Co.

To Gift: A Curated Date Night Box for Valentine’s Day x Hamilton Wax Co.

Wondering what to gift your significant other this Valentine’s Day? After reading today’s post, consider the search over! Whether you’re in a new relationship or it’s been a couple years, we all struggle sometimes to figure out what to gift one another! I find that when someone seems to have everything, the gift of an amazing date night is something that can’t be beat. After dating Stefan for almost 6 years now, I can tell you not having to plan a date is pretty awesome. I love doing romantic things with him but I’m not always feeling creative or That’s when this little idea of mine steps in to save the day! Let’s read about my awesome idea in to gift: a curated date night box for Valentine’s Day x Hamilton Wax Co.

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Question of the Day: What’s your favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

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To Gift: A Curated Date Night Box for

Valentine’s Day x Hamilton Wax Co.

To Gift: A Curated Date Night Box for Valentine's Day x Hamilton Wax Co. To Gift: A Curated Date Night Box for Valentine's Day x Hamilton Wax Co.   Want to make a curated date night box? Umm, yay let’s talk! 🙂 Putting this box together is super easy and may just be the most effortless gift you ever gave! I’m all about taking the stress out of Valentines’ Day, so this gift was right up my alley. And I mean c’mon, who doesn’t love getting food as a gift? Ladies, I can tell you right now your man will love this. So if I have you convinced this is something you need to do, then let’s get into what you need for my curated date night box! 

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The Food:

The first thing you need to do is think of when you’ll be celebrating V-day. The morning or maybe during the evening? I’m sure most of you won’t be celebrating till the evening, so this may determine what food you include in the box. Pick a food theme and run with it! Stefan is in college and I work from home, so we’ll be celebrating during most of the day, including breakfast. With this in mind, naturally I decided to go with a breakfast theme. (I’m also a huge breakfast advocate soooo..) Stefan and I both love a good cup of coffee, so I filled a mason jar with some of the good stuff. I thought the mason jar would be cuter for the overall presentation and I have so many lying around my house, so I threw the coffee in there! We also can’t go without some mugs, so I stashed those in there along with whipped cream because I plan to make a latte out of my coffee! To eat, I picked up half a dozen of donuts from Peace, Love and Little Donuts. I mean who doesn’t love coffee and donuts for breakfast? If you live in Pittsburgh, you know just how amazing PLLD’s are too!

To Gift: A Curated Date Night Box for Valentine's Day x Hamilton Wax Co.

 To Entertain:  

As a photography enthusiast, you know I couldn’t leave out a camera from the box! I figure we could take a couple photos later on, all dressed up. You gotta capture amazing days like these. Not included but also totally an essential, are movies! While Stefan and I love going out, sometimes we just really love staying in, eating good food and cuddling. To set the vibe, you can’t forget a good candle to burn either! We need to talk about the insane candle I’ve included in this box. Handmade from a local company based out of Lancaster, is Hamilton Wax Co. They were so gracious to send me their best selling scent Fig & Rhubarb. I was so surprised when I smelled it, I can totally see why this is their most popular candle. If you buy one I promise it won’t disappoint! Bonus, Hamilton Wax Co. is also a small business and I don’t know about you but supporting local business is pretty darn awesome. Who doesn’t love lifting someone up who’s making a lifting doing what they love? This business is actually run out of a 850 sq. ft. home and if you thought it couldn’t get any better, you’re wrong! These candles are vegan! I love when everyone can enjoy a product and Hamilton has made it so. With the amazing scents and the sleek, modern design, what’s not to love? With that said, I’ll be burning my Fig & Rhubarb candle while I cuddle with Stefan and enjoy some PLLD’s this V-day.

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If you haven’t been sure what you were going to gift your significant other this Valentine’s Day, then hopefully you may know now! Do you like the idea of combining your gift with a date? Also, who else is a huge candle fan? I don’t know about you but they are such an essential for this girl. Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to check out Hamilton Wax Co!

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