Valentine’s Day Weekly Round up

How’s your week been guys? So far so good and it may or may not have to do with the fact that the weeks halfway over.. 😀 Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Valentine’s Day is next week! You can read my Casual Valentine’s Day Outfit here. And did you see my Valentine’s Day Friday Favorites post?  In light of this I thought it’d only be appropriate to round up Valentine’s Day posts. I found a lot of gems on Bloglovin and around the internet. Let’s see what I found! And to follow me on Bloglovin click the link at the bottom of this post!


Read & Loved


1. Lust Living Post 

The staple Valentine’s Day post for every blogger seems to be the infamous gift guide. This one sure does stand above the rest! It includes several types of gifts with the words “big spoon, little spoon,” and I find it adorable! She also has a rose gold balloon spelling out “love.” Rose gold sums me up. My phone is rose gold, my promise ring is, my mug even my brand’s color palette includes rose gold. Obsessed. So anyway if you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift guide, this is the one to read!

2. Brighton the Day Post 

Are you going to be spending this Valentine’s Day single? No worries, I’ve got you covered with this article I found on how to have a happy Valentine’s Day. She shares some awesome tips ranging from putting on a comfy new pair of pajamas at the end of the day, to watching a nice romantic comedy. It’s been a while since I’ve spent the holiday single but if I were, this would help me out a lot! Let me remind you what we all know but tend to forget; you don’t have to be dating someone/married to enjoy this day. Sometimes it’s just not your time to be in a relationship and that’s okay. So make sure you’re planning a nice day for yourself anyway. 🙂

3. Pint Sized Beauty Post 

Looking for the perfect lipstick for Valentine’s Day? On Pint Sized Beauty she shares with us a couple of her favorite lipsticks for this holiday. I don’t wear lipstick very often so it’s helpful for me to read up on suggestions. It seems only appropriate to wear a nice red or pink shade on this day. So I suck it up for one day.. 😀

 4. Gal Meets Glam Post

Of course what is a round up for Valentine’s Day without an outfit idea? I love finding outfit inspiration from Julia. (Gal Meets Glam) She shares with us her outfit, husband’s (I think they’re married lol :D) outfit and what they did to celebrate the holiday. Bonus, you get one date idea! She has the most gorgeous, feminine style. So for any of you girls out there that like to keep your looks feminine, you should check her out!

5. Late Afternoon Post 

Looking for a way to treat yourself this February 14th? Let this article be your guide! In Late Afternoon’s post she shares with us a couple of little gifts to treat yourself to. Some more expensive than others. Are you the type of person that’s always looking for an excuse to buy yourself a new dress? Then girl, what are you waiting for? Let the blog Late Afternoon do the convincing for you. 🙂

6. Mackenzie Kendall Post 

I love this post because Mackenzie’s casual Valentine’s Day outfit is so cute! She’s wearing a cozy, simple black romper and a pair of red earrings. Some of my most favorite looks for this holiday are the ones that feature a pop of color. So for example the majority of the outfit might be a neutral color of white. You could then wear a pair of pink ballet flats for a pretty pop of color to make your look festive. Go check out her post so you can see how she did this!

7. Hello Rigby Post

If you are going to be spending Valentine’s Day with a significant other, spouse or date, here’s a helpful article for you! Hello Rigby share’s 15 date ideas to inspire you with your own special date. And honestly, sometimes you just need the extra help! I’ve been with my boyfriend Stefan for 4 and a half years. You name us a date idea and we’re like, “been there, done that.” 😀 So in short, articles with date ideas help! Haha

8. Scarlet & Gold Post 

Guys. You need this post in your life. If you’re an avid blog reader I’m sure you’ve picked up on the new Galentine’s Day trend. I think it’s a really fun way for single girls to get together and kick off the day in a really fun (and yummy) way! 🙂 I think I may throw one next year with some friends. Anyway this video share’s lot of ideas ranging from food ideas to diy decor. Go give it a read. 🙂


This concludes another Weekly Round up! Hopefully you found a couple of interesting new blogs to read and helpful posts to prepare you for Valentine’s Day! As always don’t forgot to follow along with the blog through my social media. All links in the footer and sidebar of the page. You can click the button below to follow my blog on Bloglovin. This site is such an amazing tool because it makes it really easy to follow along with the blogs you love and to find other posts.