What you Need for Spring Break This Year

Most of you are either on spring break for college right now, or just about to be! Whether you’re lucky enough to go on vacation or staying home, theres a couple things everyone needs. I won’t be going anywhere fun this spring, but will be busy at work on the blog! Today’s post also gives me an excuse to start bathing suit shopping. 🙂 I’ve already seen a ton of cute bathing suits at Target… And I want all of them. Don’t judge. 😀 So let me share with you today what you need for spring break this year. 🙂


Pool FloatStriped Bathing Suit Top, Striped Bottom , One Piece, Beach Waves Spray, Sunscreen, Granola Bars , Sun Hat, Sandals, Beach Towel,  Pom Pom Clutch, Sunglasses, Shorts