Where to Buy The Cutest Bohemian Clothes

Where to Buy The Cutest Bohemian Clothes

Ever wonder where I get all my cute boho clothes? I should mention, these clothes you see are also extremely affordable. (Yep, you’re welcome ;)) Need I say more? We all know Free People is basically the best, go to store for boho fashion but they’re also crazy expensive. So with that in mind, I’m sharing some much more budget friendly options because the struggle is real..lol Without further or do, let’s talk about where to buy the cutest bohemian clothes! (Yay!)



Where to Buy

The Cutest Bohemian Clothes

1. Planet Blue

Guys, I know what you’re thinking.. Planet Blue can totally be on the pricier end but I wanted to include this brand because they’re clothes are insanely cute. Just do what I do and shop the sale section and you’ll find some great deals here, promise! 🙂

2. Show me Your Mumu

Ahh Show Me Your Mumu carries the best clothes. Shop here and they’ll have you looking like a bohemian goddess in no time.. 😉 They tend to have high prices as well, so shop that sale section like it’s your job!

3. Harper Lange 

You know it’s a good boho brand when they have an entire collection for festival season! Harper Lange is serving up major boho vibes with flowy dresses, layered rings and beautiful kimonos.

4. Prism Boutique 

Prism errs a little more on the side of retro. If you just adore seventies and sixties fashion but just can’t quit with the boho fashion, you may have just found the perfect shop! Marry them together with vintage style seventies maxi dresses and basket bags, found at Prism Boutique!

5. Cleobella

Cleobella shines for its beautiful boho clothes but it’s real trademark are the bags and purses. I struggle sometimes to find that perfect bag to pair with my Free People dresses but know I won’t be any longer with this little discovery of mine. Shop their wide selection of unique, boho purses!

6. For Love and Lemons

This brands is for the boho romantics. Expect to find lacy dresses and velvet galore. These romantic details make For Love and Lemons a personal favorite of mine!

7. Spell & The Gypsy Collective 

My favorite thing about this brand has actually got to be the shoes! If you love Jeffrey Campbells ankle booties than you’ll just love the steel toed boots sold here. Among these, you’ll also find many other boho staples like peasant blouses and floral, airy dresses.

8. Ericson Rose

Ericson Rose is for all my boho beauties who love western fashion with retro vibes. I love this brand for adding western & retro touches to my boho fashion, whether it be by rustic jewelry or with a pair of bell bottoms. You can find all this and much more here!

9. Lucky Brand 

You’ve probably heard of Lucky Brand before but what you may not know, is that it’s actually quite easy to score deals on their clothes. Try searching your local Marshall’s or visit Macys. If you check Macy’s, just browse the backstage clearance area. There’s almost always a cute Lucky Brand pair of jeans or floral print blouse there.

10. Gypsy Outfitters 

Probably the most inexpensive of the bunch, would have to be Gypsy Outfitters! Not only are the prices fairly reasonable but they carry a wide range of clothes. My favorite of everything they sell, is probably the dresses! Which is pretty awesome, considering Free Peoples are super pricey and I just love a good boho dress!

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  • Mara {viperheart}

    These are a lot of new brands for me – I’ve only heard of a couple! Thanks for the recommendations 🙂

    • Marah Frank

      Yay! Hope you enjoy searching through them, you are so welcome! 🙂